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There are so many heart breaking stories out there about people who are trying to lead other people but they have not led very well in their homes. They probably started very well but somewhere along the line they took the leadership outside the home more seriously. They thought the home was always taken care off but the home always shows in a terrible way that it has always been neglected.
Husbands and wives may have been appointed leaders in their businesses places or they may own the business. They may also be organisational leaders like pastors who have a lot of people to attend to and almost leaving their homes deserted. If you have obligations to so many people outside the home, you should remember that at some point all those people will go and you will come back home.
When you come back home, you will only meet the home in the state that you left it. Some people, especially pastors, have also forgotten that the first thing that qualifies them for leadership is the way they lead at home. We were told that anyone who desires the office of a Bishop desires a good thing. He must be a husband of one wife and should be one who has his own house under control.
Why is that important? Is it very important because you have no example to show to others if your house is not in order. This is not only for the man or for the woman. You and your spouse must do everything that needs to be done for your house, with your kids in view, to be a model home for the people who are watching around.
You are not going to be perfect. It does not mean that you will not have your own challenges but you have more responsibilities at home than those places you consider very important. If there is trouble at home there is no way you can lead outside and be at peace.
I also need to remind you that for spouses to successfully lead together on the home front and have their children follow obediently, they have to be cooperating with each other. It is important that they pray together and also pray for their children. Apart from praying for their children they must ensure that they spend time teaching, guiding and mentoring them in the needs that they will need for their lives.
Don’t also forget that when you lead effectively on the home front today you will be the one enjoying the benefits in future. You will have peace and you will be able to retire when you should. You are confident that you have taken care of your children and that they can also come back to look for you and take care of you.
It does not matter how busy you get, please take interest in what your kids will like to become in future. Take special interest in their gifts and abilities so you can help them to channel it properly.
You may not be married but are already planning to get married. This is a lot easier for you because you can start discussing with your spouse to be and make things happen before they get out of hands. Before my wife and I got married, we already decided the names of the kids we were going to have. When we prayed we started praying for them before we even got the first child.
Don’t try to lead outside and forget the home because it is the most important part of your leadership circle. 
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