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One of the most controversial issues that the church has had to deal with is the issue of indecent dressing. The church has started dealing with this long before I was born and will still continue to deal with this long after I am gone. Why it is a big issue for us today, just as it was before and will continue to be? While it seems we can easily explain this to people and just conclude that so many of the people and not true believers, I have two answers to offer today and might say more later.
It is no longer news that the church today is the show room of the latest wears in town. Name all the dresses and you will find them in church. There are the really long ones, the extremely short ones, the revealing ones, the tight ones and those that we have no categories for. You just can’t explain some.
Unfortunately it has gone so bad that I now hear people arguing about how it is right to expose your cleavage so long as your nipples are not showing. Where did we get this from if we have become Christians and are truly Christ like? Didn’t the Bible in 1 Corinthians 14:40 encourage us to do everything in decency and in order?
Some of these seductresses have now become the major distractions for pastors on Sundays and on other days that services run. A number of them are also doing this deliberately. Why will they do this? Why will they even show up almost completely naked in church? The other controversial issue is whether to wear a trouser or not. I am speaking for or against it today but what about those ladies with terrible hot skirts or dresses? When they are walking you can see all their laps. It also worse when they sit. They even wear what they call con dresses which are very tight fitting body cloths that bring out all the curves.
The seduction is also not limited to the women. We need to admit that there are some men who know that they have what women like and they are deliberately showing them off to get some attention. It might be the six packs or the hairy body or the luxury accessories.
A few of the people who are involved in this seductive acts or are always wearing seductive dresses will even tell you that God sees their hearts. It is not what they are wearing that matters. Do not be deceived. God cannot be mocked. As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he! It is what you claim to have in your heart that is right with God that you are showing off. It is from the abundance of the heart that the mouth speaks and acts. You can have a heart that is right with God and have an appearance that does not glorify God. 
Amongst so many other reasons that people can offer, I will tell you that inferiority complex is one of the reasons people need to open up their bodies. They have an inner yearning for acceptance or love. They have a problem with self- esteem. Ladies who do not have a problem with their self-esteem know that they do not have to expose any part of their body that should be covered up just to prove a point to anyone. If you are confident in yourself and you know you were fearfully and wonderfully made, you do not have to advertise yourself before you can be accepted. That’s one major thing we need to look into because it’s like throwing yourself at someone. If you know who you are people should run after you rather than you throwing yourself at them.
The other major issue is that some people just get involved in what I call unconscious seduction. This means that they do not know that they are seducing other people yet they keep doing things that make them seduce other people. For example, a lady who does not know how to bend appropriately in public might be involved in this kind of thing. Seduction itself is a suggestive move so when you bend with your ‘bumbum’ shooting backwards, it can become a suggestive move to someone who is compelled at that point in time to stand behind you. As a lady, you should bend from your knees when picking things up. I have seen that some people just need to go to finishing school and they will realize the havoc they’ve been causing to so many men even though they did not know.
Still under the unconscious seduction, so may others need to be taught how to dress properly so that they will not end up looking seductive even though it was not their intention. There so many people who do not wear the right under wears and it’s doing some damages.
Let’s get this right. If you know who you are no one will convince you that what you have is not good enough. The world is trying to convince the church about what is right or not. And the church seems to be taking it instead of telling the world what is right. Don’t get caught in this. You are a child of God and you are beautiful as you are.       

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