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Life will always come with its challenges against your dreams and ambitions. You will get to different junctions in your life and may not know which turn to take. There are things that should happen naturally for you but may be taking longer than anyone can imagine. At such times, you may be tempted to look around and give it all up.
If you give it all up today you will not be making anything better. You would have complicated matters for yourself. Why is that? Ten years down the line you may be regretting all the things you have given up. At that point you will realize you could have made more progress and things could have worked better for you.
When people look at only what is happening now they tend to easily make up the decision to give. It looks like what you have been through is too much to bear. No one is willing to help and your little efforts are failing.
I dare say you should look beyond now. If many of the people you admire today did not look beyond their present situations, they would not succeed or even become someone that you celebrate today.
I am glad today that I did not give up on certain processes in the past. If I had done that, I will not be where I am today. Maybe you will not even be reading anything from me, seeing me on television or hearing me on radio. I have had times when the best option looked like giving up. It seemed as though I would have nothing to lose. I was tempted to give and I really gave it a thought.
Today, the only reason I am still standing is because I made up my mind to look beyond the immediate and see into the future.
When you give up on the hopelessness of today, you are indirectly giving up on the hope of tomorrow. It is that very thing that seems hopeless right now that is creating the hope for tomorrow. I believe in you and I am passionate about you succeeding.
Your success is paramount to me and that’s one of the reasons I wake up daily to write or to speak. As you succeed, I succeed so it is very important for me that you succeed. If you success will become a reality, I have to let you see certain things.
Check those things you call challenges today. Some of them are opportunities in disguise. You will only see that they are opportunities in disguise if you are willing to look beyond now and see the future.
You are going to be limited, not by the circumstances around you alone, but by how you see today and your perception of tomorrow.
Those who do not look beyond now will cave in under the circumstances and hope to get something better. As they look for something better they realize they had lost what they should have help unto.
The ability to look beyond now, in most cases will always be a matter of your present feelings versus the expected rewards in future. If you place the priority on your feelings then you can’t look beyond now but if you look more at expected rewards it will be easier.
Things may be hard right now but your hanging on will be worth it so look beyond now.
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