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As individuals or as leaders, it is very possible that we have tried out all that we know in the things we are doing yet we are stuck somewhere. There are too many people who cannot go too far in life not for the lack of potentials but for the inability to see any further. It may not be a crime for someone not to see further anymore, but such people must be able to tap into the mind of others and use their minds to see!
I have seen companies that have been stuck for years because they no longer see further and cannot use the minds of others – new management or employees or even their competitors and consultants – to see further. I have seen religious organizations that have reached their peak and their leaders – pastors and elders or deacons and deaconesses – no longer know what to do. While they no longer know what do to, they may not admit it and still not allow the youthful minds available to help and push them further. I have also seen individuals who have a lot more to offer but they seem to have reached their peak. The disaster is that they start diminishing when they ought to climb higher.
Seeing with the mind of others is one of the most important things you will ever do in life. It means to glean on the wisdom of others. Use their insight to move further in life. Learn from their wisdom or innovation and bring life back into what you are doing. You may seem stuck but one idea from other people can get you back in motion! That will only happen if you are willing to see with the minds of others. To see with the mind of others is to note that others may have better ideas and you must be humble enough to take their ideas for you to succeed in life. If you will accomplish a great vision in life, you will need to see a lot of things with the mind of others! 
Why do you think that people begin to diminish when they ought to be diversifying and getting new opportunities to rise higher? Sometimes it is because they have run out of ideas! Their own eyes of insight have grown deem. They can no longer see further and they are not even considering other options they can use in order to continue to see further.
There is proverb from the Yoruba speaking part of Nigeria which is interpreted as ‘the ability of an elderly person to use the wisdom of other people restrains us from calling him or her a mad person.’ It simply means that it is not your own wisdom alone that you are expected to use in life. You do not know it all and you are not a fountain of knowledge no matter where you have been and the degrees you have obtained.
Grow in every possible area of your life and make sure you also keep moving up in life by seeing with the mind of others – gaining insight from other people on what or how to do what you need to do. What does it mean to see with the mind of others? It could be that you have no idea how to move up anymore but you begin to look out for other great minds. You watch out for bright minds and tap into the potentials of those minds.
If you are going to be seeing with the mind of others, you must be humble and admit that you want to gain something from others. I have seen people who are struggling and when you give them ideas on how to move forward, they will reject it. Why do they reject ideas on how to move forward? It is because they have held on to their own restricted or limited ideas and they are not willing to see with the mind of others in order to move forward in life.
When you are ready to start succeeding, or when you notice that you have become stuck somewhere, just start looking out for people whose minds can help you to see further. Look out for people whose minds can brush up or lighten your mind and keep moving.
Remember that you will constantly need to see with the mind of others in order to keeping moving up in life.       

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