Seek direction – Fola Daniel Adelesi

I have met people who have ideas and they want to handle the ideas with intelligence. Ideas are not things that just come to you because you are a superstar think tank in your field so you don’t just jump off to work when you get ideas. When you get ideas for things to do in your work place, school, church, community, clubs, organizations or in your personal life, it is important you seek direction on how things should be done. Let me quickly say that seeking direction on how things should be done does not imply that you must always do things the way everybody has been doing it. I personally will not do things the way everybody wants to do it.
It is only important to seek direction so that you do not waste precious time working effortlessly on the things you should do in a jiffy if you have direction. Direction will guide you into making more reliable and independent choices when you need to make a choice not based on what people just told you but on the fact that you now know what to do.
Those who launch out without seeking direction often end up in troubles. You go persistently in the wrong direction sometimes hoping that things will one day work out. Your tenacity of purpose in the wrong direction is irrelevant so you have to come back to the right place with that tenacity. Your passion and persistence in the wrong place do not make you a better person. They will only make you more miserable and you may not realize that you are wasting your time and gradually wasting your life. When you do things based on the direction you have sought then it often helps to speed up time for you.
The person who runs with only an idea without a direction will spend more concentrated time burning energy that should be reserved but the person who runs with an idea based on direction will move faster than expected and will make lesser mistakes than the one who has no direction.
As much as it is important to have a direction, where you seek your direction is equally important because it is a disaster to seek direction from a confused person who claims to know where o go. There are confused people all over the world who are trying to give other people direction. “Can the blind lead the blind,” was the profound question of the master, our Lord, in the book of life.
Seek direction from the people who know where they are going and can lead other people to where they are going.
Seek direction from the people who have been to where you are going and have not missed the way or stayed too long in the wrong path since they started traveling through the routes of life.
A honest person once said that the reason he stands tall is because he climbed on the shoulders of those who have gone ahead. Seeking direction is like climbing the shoulders of those have gone ahead of you because you may sometimes get much more than what you are bargaining for. you may want something that will help you just for the moment but you may eventually get something that will help you for the rest of your life. It is very important to tell you about buying the truth and not selling it because the truth is scarce.

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