Service before reward.

When you intend to start a business, you thought of what service to render. How come you relegated to powerful notion of redering a service to the self-damaging notion of “me first?”
 Every succeeding business trives on the service it renders to people. I was in a Public Relations class one day. The lecturer wanted a different perspective to the business so I stood up. I made the class understand that sometimes Public Relations (the image for your business and the way you treat your clients in this context) sometimes can be all about “making people feel good about giving you their money.” That statement blew the mind of the lecturer and he made me repeat it a second and the third time to the class.
The only way to get your reward (profit from business) is to nmake people feel soooooo good about giving you their money through an “EXTRAORDINARILY IMPRESSIVE” SERVICE to the people you call clients or customers. They want dignity while you want their money. Make them feel proud and collect your cash.

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