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From the way things are going around the world, there are too many people who want to eat where they have not sown and there are too many people who are expecting much more than the efforts they are putting into what they are doing. If you truly want some rewards you will get the rewards but it will be unfair to expect much more rewards compared to the service you are rendering. It could also be termed as the beginning of fraud or corruption. Why do we have leaders who earn so much from doing nothing or who make so much money from just getting into positions and we have citizens who are getting poorer by the day?
I guess we all know that a lot of our leaders are getting more rewards compared to the service they are rendering to the nation. One would expect that the more you work the richer you become. You may also have imagined that even if you are not rich today, you can still be rich tomorrow so long as you work hard and do a great job for people who are willing to pay for the services you are rendering.
People like Earl Nightingale believe that our rewards will always be in exact proportion to our service. For very few people it is so and for so many others it is not so. Some earn so little compared to the work they are putting in and others earn far more than the little effort they are putting in.
It is really wrong for you to set your expectation higher with rewards when your input in really low. If you want something big in life then put in big efforts. I dare say that you can get to a level in life when you input does not have to be big. At that level you can get big rewards for every little effort but nobody just arrives at that level. Before you get to that level you would have been doing some things. You would have sown your seeds. You would have sharpened your teeth so much that past efforts will still continue to pay for you.
There are some today who have paid their dues in any line of business they have ventured into. Such people can’t be paid less than a certain amount when they choose to work today not because others will not charge less but because these ones have come to be associated with the business. You can also grow to that level where the mere mention of your name alone can fetch you an amount of money. Until then, you have to work with the principle that what you put in will determine what you get out.
To desire anything far more than what you are putting in right now is to begin to cheat, deceive and also steal for greater rewards. It does not matter if you do it in a cunning way or in an intelligent way. The person who goes to the bank to rob and the person who works in the bank but robs with his pen are equally thieves!
Take it slowly and do no be in a hurry for gains that will send you to jail for the rest of your life or even take your life immediately. You must believe in the dignity if labour, be content with what you have and expect nothing more than the input you have made in life for your rewards!
Do you want more gains? Put in more efforts and get just gains that your mind will be at peace with! Fola Daniel Adelesi
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