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It is to me, amazing, how people can consider themselves to have failed in life just by looking at how much time it has taken someone else to succeed! We all have our different timing in life and that explains why people from the Yoruba speaking part of Nigeria will always say, don’t do your work using other peoples timing.
I understand how much it means to a lot of people when their colleagues or age mates are facing a level and they are not there yet or when their age mates have gotten certain things that they do not have. We may seem to place so much emphasis on peer pressure for teenagers but the truth really is that many of the adults in the society are still undergoing peer pressure! How do you explain someone who seems his friend in a brand new car and the next thing he or she can think about is how to get money at all cost to be able to buy a new car? As a result of this if they cannot raise the money they resort to borrowing the money they cannot afford to pay back even when the situation is not an emergency just to be able to get out of that feeling of being behind in life.
Please bear in mind that in life we may all board the same buses or planes at the same destination but we all are not going to the same places. At some points in our lives we may have intersecting routes that will necessitate crossing each others paths but we must bear in mind that we still have entirely different destinations. That we boarded at the same time will not justify alighting from the vehicle at the same time. If someone is going from Lagos to Abuja and another person is still going to Sokoto, it will be right for only the person going to Abuja to alight in Abuja. If the one still going to Sokoto says, we boarded at the same time. How come you have to alight now and I have to continue? and he also decides to alight in Abuja then he will be following someone else to his right destination but for him it still remains a wrong destination.
Someone may have arrived at a scene before you but it does not mean the person is a success and you are a failure! I like the illustration as it was given by Dr. David Oyedepo in an audio series. He said, a new house on the street only remains new until another one comes to the street. If I will take it up from there then I should say that others may have gotten their and they are bragging about it now but you need to know that whenever you get yours it will be the latest. As soon as yours arrives theirs will become the old ones and your immediately becomes the new one. Another person said, I may have been late at getting some things done but now I have the latest.
There have been cases where we hear about other peoples successes just about the time we are close to ours and we seem to lose focus on our own success. When we do that, we will ultimately lose the success because we have taken attention away from it and have given it to someone else’s success.
I would like to remind everyone that we did not all start at the same time in life and we do not have the same input in life so we definitely are going to get THERE at different times and will have different results.
In all that you do, never let another mans timing push you too fast that you lose your timing and begin to work with theirs because you will ultimately lose your success to focusing on another person.
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  1. I agree with you… “we did not all start at the same time in life and we do not have the same input in life so we definitely are going to get THERE at different times and will have different results.”
    Surely; with the right inputs, results are bound to show up.

    – LDP

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