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There are different things that will remind us or point to us that we are already in the process which will lead to the things God is preparing us for. I call them the shades of the process because they give us an inkling of the process. We all go through processes in life and those processes come in different ways or give us different shades.

For many people, the shades of their processes will include the following:

  1. Discouragement – Elijah worked to a stage and did many exploits but still had issues in his life as well. He got a threat one time from the queen of the land and ran for his dear life. After a while he asked God to kill him. That’s how discouraged he was. In the middle of our processes in life, there will be reasons to be discouraged. Circumstances will want to pull us down. We will look around and it will look as if nothing is working. Many of us would have reasons to doubt the fact that we are on the right path. You need to understand that this discouragement is a shade of the process and you should never allow it to bring you down in life. Keep going until the end of the process.
  • Criticism –Criticism is also a shade of the process that you will go through in life. Some will criticize you for good reasons and some will do so for no reason. People will call you names and they will want you to stop the good things you are doing. One of the things you should bear in mind is that people will talk when you do good or you do bad. People will talk when you do something or do nothing. Since people will talk, regardless of what you do, you had better give them something to talk about. In Mark 3:1-6, Jesus was trying to heal a man with a withered hand but there were people waiting to criticize him for healing a man. Onewould have thought that should be celebrated but it wasn’t. They had issueswith Jesus and nothing he did was right in their eyes. Some people will haveissues with you and nothing you do will be right in their eyes. They will makeevery effort to water down all your achievements so you can’t focus on peoplelike that.
  • Hatred – Hatred will stem from unnecessary criticism and you should expect that people will hate for no just cause. In John 18: 39-40, people were given the option to choose between Jesus and a famous thief but they decided they wanted the renowned thief to be freed instead of Jesus, the one who came to save them from their sins. Why did the people choose the thief instead of Jesus as the one who should regain freedom? It was simply hatred stemming from ignorance.
  • Unanswered prayers – Some unanswered prayers that you expect God to answer are actually shades of your process. You want God to answer some prayers but he chose not to answer them because he knows better than you could ever imagine. If you are a parent, you usually wouldn’t give everything to your children not because you don’t love them. You don’t give everything to them because you understand that some of the things they are asking for can actually kill them. In some other cases, they are just not mature enough to handle what they are asking for. In some other cases, what you have in mind is simply bigger than what your children are asking for. So when you pray and some things are not answered, just remember why your parents don’t grant some request or why you as a parent will not grant some request.
  • Seclusion – You should expect that there will be times when you will be secluded. People will leave you. You will look to the right and not see anyone and also look to the left with no one to help. You may also be in the middle of multitude and still be alone with some issues of life. There has to be some moments of seclusion to trash out some issues with your maker or get a grip on what’s going on in your life. All the famous Bible characters had their moments of seclusion. Jesus would rise early in the morning and go into the wilderness to pray. He went to the mount of transfiguration and many other secluded places. John was in the wilderness before Jesus came. David was on the filed tending sheep before the day of his anointing and still went to the cave after his anointing. Joseph was in slavery and still went to prison while a slave. Jonah went into the belly of the fish because he was trying to avoid Nineveh but ended up in the same place. Your seclusion may not be physical but some experience in your life will certainly represent that seclusion.
  • Inner yearnings for fulfilment  – For those who haven’t discovered purpose, one of the things that will happen is that you will have the inner yearning for purpose. No matter what you achieve in life, you will not be satisfied until you begin to do that thing that gives you real fulfilment. Interestingly, we were wired by God to only derive real fulfilment from the things that constitute our purposes in life. I have seen several people going after money and other things in life. After making all the money, they just don’t feel good, satisfied our comfortable until they begin another search for fulfilment. If you are in that search for fulfilment right now, despite the many things that are working for you, then you are on your way to a great process.

One of the shades of processes you will go through in life must have mentioned above and others could have been left out but these things mentioned above will remind you that something significant is going on in your life. When next you go through a season of discouragement, criticism, hatred, seclusion, unanswered prayers and yearning for fulfilment, just ask God about the process he wants you to go through so you can compete it successfully and come out with the right lessons.

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