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A couple of days back when I was reading through some messages on twitter, I saw a message from Pastor Rick Warren which was simply a quote from most of the medicines you can buy from the drug store. It message was ‘shake well before using’ and what made it so important at that point was that Pastor Rick said it suddenly occurred to him that’s what God does with all the people that He wants to use! God shakes people well before using them!
I have bought a number drinks from the stores and I always see that message asking me to shake well before using but never thought about the fact that God also shakes us well before using us. As soon as I saw the tweet the picture on my mind was how I used to shake some of those drinks before opening them and it really got me thinking about some of the things we are going through in life! We have to be sure if it’s God’s shaking that we are in which is meant to prepare us for his assignment! Just as many of us will not use those drugs without shaking or open those drinks without shaking, it is important to note that God will also not use us without shaking us.
Just recently, I had to work with an online marketer to promote an account and the young man in question told me, ‘I have tested this one and that’s why I’m recommending this plan to you.’ The person who was to get the main benefit from the promotion wanted something more than the promotion could offer but the other plan this person wanted had not been tested and we did not recommend that plan. Just as we did not recommend what we had not tested, God will also not introduce what He had not tested. He wants to be sure that what He’s putting out there is the best for the time and the best for the assignment.
If we want to be used of God for the mighty works that He wants to accomplish, we have to prepare ourselves for his shaking because He’s really going to shake us before using us. Some of us need to come to an understanding of where and when the shaking is taking place so that we do not just take God’s working for granted or even run out of it because of pressure! Sometimes God uses our places of work to shake us by putting us under a difficult boss. He wants us to learn how to withstand pressure and still forge ahead in life. The boss may think he’s giving you a tough time but he does not know that he’s helping God to refine you to become who God wants you to be.
For so many others, the shaking we are going through is the rejection that we get from the people who seem to have all it takes to assist us and are just not assisting. God wants to show us that we are going to strip ourselves of all mental and physical dependence on some people so that He alone can provide true and lasting wealth or other provisions as we may need them in life.
Waiting can seem very simple but also a very hard thing and that’s really the shaking that some other people are going through in life. You may have heard it so quick at every phase of your life in the past and God is trying to slow you down in order to teach you a lesson. If you don’t learn that lesson of waiting for certain things right now, you will go through life with the wrong impression that everything must come in a jiffy and there would be no need for waiting. At the end of it all you will find out that you have little or no preparation for life because you don’t know how to wait!
Why do you think that the manufacturers of products even say, ‘shake well before using?’ I realized it’s because some of the ingredients of the products – and sometimes the most important ones – would have settled at the bottom of the container. If you take the products like that then you will not get the full benefits of the products so it is important to shake! The same thing applies to human beings! Some potentials have gone dormant or have not been activated at all and be the design of our creator, we are not supposed to go through life without those potentials in their active mode so God shakes us to get those potentials functioning! If we function without those potentials, we most likely would be malfunctioning!
Go through God’s shaking and be the best!
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