Shooting your shot at a colleague | Fola Daniel Adelesi

Over the years people have had some funny thoughts about their colleagues and they’re stuck in between going ahead to shoot their shot or to hold back. They’re not sure what will happen after the shot and they really want to be careful.

Some people really like this person in their office and they are not sure if they should go ahead and get involved with the person. Others clearly know that getting involved with someone in the office is the end of their job. For others, there is no rule against but they’re don’t like the idea of working in the same organisation with their spouse. Now, we need to clear if it is wrong to get involved in office romance!

As I have said in the opening paragraph, it is okay with some people and their companies do not have issues with it so the place to begin on the issue of office romance is to be clear that you love this person you’re about to get involved with. If you’re in love and it is not your mind playing a trick on you just because you spend a lot of time together in the office then you can look at other issues that are probably in your way.

The next thing is to check if the rule in your office permits office romance or that people who are married to themselves are permitted to work in that organisation. If your organisation does not permit husband and wife to work in that organisation then you have to think about the fact that one of you has to quit and get another job or quit to start a business. This is not an easy decision to take and it is not one you take just because you’re in love. This is a decision that you have to think through. Even if you’re able to get another job in another organisation, will the work environment be better and more fulfilling or equally as fulfilling as the one you work in right now? While there are couples who have been at this juncture and have had to take the same decision, it does not always work out the same way for everyone. It works pretty well for some and does not work pretty well for others.

Some love birds can be so lucky in that they both work in an organisation where there is no issue against office romance and the organisation does not have any issue with people working there getting married. In fact, some organisations encourage singles working for them to try and mingle in order to get married. They probably believe that bonding will help them deliver more results in their office.

When you have taken care of the office part of the romance then the two of you need to talk about how you will conduct yourselves when you get to the office or how you will conduct yourselves at home. That your office has nothing against office romance is not a liberty to always be in the face of all the staff just to show that you’re married to this person while in the office. If you’re out of the office, you can go all the way to prove to people that you’re married to your spouse and no one will have any issue with that.

When you’re not sure about going ahead with that office romance, always remember two things. The first is that you have a career to build and money to make in order to pay your bills. The second is that you can always get another man out there and have a relationship that will not affect your productivity at work.

If and when faced with a decision like this, please use your head before engaging your heart.


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