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A few years back I was listening to a presentation on radio and the speaker said his assistant approached him to give him information about some people who spoke negatively about him. In her own words she said, ‘sir, they are talking about you.’ And the speaker said, ‘well, when you are at the top you become the topic!’ Have other people made you the topic in their daily gossip? Is that getting to you and you are going to stop your dreams because of that?
If there is anything I have heard so often from one of my coaches, it is about what people say or don’t say about you. He would often say, ‘if you do something bad they will talk. If you do something good they will talk. Why don’t you just do something good and give them something good to talk about?’ It also reminds me of one of the most famous songs of the legendary Chief Ebenezer Obey who is now an Evangelist. His song clearly states that there is no plan you can come up with or any behaviour you can cultivate to please any man.
Don’t let the negative talks get to you for any reason at all. You have a dream to achieve and that is the most important thing. As I write this I remembered something that happened to me and I can’t but laugh at myself. About ten years ago I was a leader in a place where there were one hundred and thirty six other people working with me and together we were to lead over four thousand young people. I started out with some passion and great energy coupled with ideas. Somewhere along the line I just realized I had some people in my team that where bent on giving me tough times. On one of those occasions when they came up with their troubles, I vowed to resign my position. This happened on a Saturday so I went on Monday to the authorities to drop my leadership symbol but it was rejected. The man never allowed me to resign. At first he laughed but asked why I wanted to resign. But he just laughed. Rather than reason with me he just encouraged me to carry on with the work! Although I sincerely did not want to continue then, today I can look back and say ‘I am glad I didn’t give up!’
You may be in a position today where you feel like stopping everything you have started because of the rumours about you or the negative things going on around. If you stop the dream, you have simply given the gossips or the enemies more power by shutting down just because of their talks.
It does not matter how strong their talks are against you. Let your passion for your dream be stronger. As they condemn you the more, strive harder to achieve results. As someone said, it is hard for anyone to fight excellence. They may say all they like about your dreams today but when they see excellent works or results they will be forced to associate with you.
At the end of your life, what will count is not what people said about you or against you. The only thing that will count is what you have done with your life and if you have done nothing with it, we will not praise you for stopping all you thought to achieve just for the negative talks against you! My dear, it is your life. Go on and achieve so long as you know that is what you are supposed to be doing and you are doing it right!

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