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I have laid the foundation for this title in the previous ones that I called ‘not with the same gift’ and ‘threatened by similar gifts.’ My proposition in the former is that we all are not blessed with the same gift and there is no need to envy others with different gifts. My proposition in the later was that we may share similar gifts with some other people but that does not take our relevance or uniqueness away.
What we now need to understand in similar gifts but different purposes is the fact that we all were created or born for different purposes but we may be blessed with similar gifts to achieve the different purposes that we have been born with.
Take a look at the politician and the pastor. They both have to lead people on daily basis and they must have the ability to speak convincingly. Because they will both be leading people, they must understand leadership. They need to know how to build proper organisational and leadership structures. They should understand how they can relate effectively with people and not get in the way of the messages coming from those people. It is important for both the pastor and politician to understand a bit of human psychology. If the pastor and politician have these skills, they will both excel in their fields.
Now imagine that there are two young men who live in the same area and have been through the same educational system or even the same school. They have both been blessed with all the skills I listed above but one is destined to be a politician and the other is destined to be a pastor. They both haven’t found out what their life long professions will be but they noticed that they have exactly the same gift in every area. Will it not be a waste of time for the politician to envy the pastor or for the pastor to envy the politician?
If you agree with me then it means that some of us have been envying other people for no just cause or we have been wasting our time doing that. Yes, you share similar gifts but they were meant for different purposes.
Your gift and your purpose are like hands in gloves. You cannot separate your purpose from your gift. If you know your purpose and you do not know the gifts you need to fulfil it then you might wait a long period and not get things done. If you also know your gift and you do not know your purpose you will most likely be using the gift for the wrong purpose.
Among several other reasons, I am sharing this so that you can just look away completely from those who share similar gifts with you and focus on your own gifts for your own purpose. When you look more at the gifts of other people, your will soon start taking on the purpose that they have. Very soon you will do things just to try to beat them and show that you are better. Before you know it you will be neck deep into another person’s purpose.
Your own purpose is amazing. It is perfect and it cannot be compared or should not be compared to the purpose of another person. Think of it this way before I wrap this up. Imagine a car and a truck. They both have some similar abilities but they were created for different purposes. Both the car and the truck were designed to carry human beings from one spot to another. The car is designed to focus more on the comfort of the people it’s moving while the truck is designed to do some serious business for the people it is moving. So the truck might be carrying loads for them. If they both do not understand this then there will be a situation of the car envying the truck when they were actually designed for different purposes.
You may have a similar design with others but you have a different purpose. Never be threatened or intimidated or pack up your own gift just because another person has it. You were both given the same purpose for different reasons.

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