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I remember being a seven year old when I began my journey on the path of purpose but if anyone had mentioned the word purpose to me it would not have made any sense, I would have appeared very confused and I definitely would have forgotten the word so easily except if I had to forcefully keep it in my brain for a test or an exam!
There are several simple things happening around us or happening to us on daily basis that could just point in the direction God wants us to go in life but many of us do not know that it can be that simple to find a purpose or to discover what God wants from us! As a kid remember sitting in front of the television very often during the 1993 presidential elections. I could not grab so much from what they were saying because my brain was still too small to understand most of the complex issues of the Nigerian state that were being debated by the opponents. The only thing I noticed was that one of the opponents, Chief MKO Abiola, who supposedly won this election, was so charismatic and so many people in the family would just sit and listen to him whenever he wanted to talk.
As I watched my parents and their friends from the community discuss the life and aspirations of this man, something in me began to connect with him. I knew very little about him but having heard some of the things that my parents said, I began to listen to him on my own. It even got to a stage where my mother would call me whenever MKO Abiola was to appear on television and would say, ‘your friend is on television again.’ At that time, he became my friend not because I was old enough to understand him but because something in me connected with this man. At that time, I did not understand what it was but it became clearer as I grew older! I realized it was a picture of where I was going to be that this man was showing me and that’s why I had connected to easily with him. I later found out that the reason I connected very well was because I was going to be speaking and millions of people would be listening to me and also do most of the things I would teach them to do!
The elections came and were properly conducted. It was also adjudged the freest election in Nigeria but unfortunately it was annulled by the then Military head of state, General Ibrahim Bademosi Babangida.
After the elections, I saw more of MKO Abiola speaking and contending for the seat he had won but never got. As I grew older, I found out about President Bill Clinton in the United States who is another powerful orator. He easily endeared many people to himself by just talking to them. You could see the love of the people on his face so connected with him as well. After a while I heard about Martin Luther king and so many other famous orators and authors. I need to tell you that just by seeing MKO Abiola and President Bill Clinton on television, I saw my future. I had always been referred to as a talkative but no one who called me a talkative deemed it fit to look at famous speakers or leaders at the time and tell me, ‘you can become one of those people!’ Today when I reflect on how I discovered my purpose, I realized it was by looking at some of those people and being able to draw the connection between the gifts inside me and the gifts that they were already expressing!
It was already a publicised gift in those people but in me, it was still a seed that I carried about and now I can tell you that one simple way to find your purpose is:Look around for people who have become great by doing something they love.Study their lives very well over a period of timeSee if you can draw a connection between their present lives and your own future!
The real question is, the men that you are looking at today as famous people, do you really see yourself in the shoes of anyone of them? If you do then I suggest you begin to develop and maximise the potentials that those men have maximised if it is in you! As you try to maximise your potentials, you will find out that you are not exactly like those men! Don’t be discouraged because you will need your personal differences to be relevant in life!
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