Sister, you don't need a prophet! | © Fola Daniel Adelesi

Yes, you read the topic correctly. You don’t need a prophet to tell you where your future lies or what the future holds for you. Just be bold enough to show me your husband or the kind of man that you are constantly attracted to and I can tell you your future.
While the place of destiny cannot be overemphasised, it is very important to note that this is one choice that can completely rewrite your destiny. You are the one to make your choice and as soon as you do, it is a choice you have to be stuck with for the rest of your life.
I remember hearing a song titled ‘I’m happy to be stuck with you’ a couple of times. If you have to make this choice, and nearly all of you will, then the choice has to a choice that you are going to be happy to be stuck with for the rest of your life.
Why did I even say that you don’t need a prophet? So many people don’t seek God in any other matter except for marital affairs. I also think that some sisters even take to heart and show a measure of desperation in ‘getting God to approve their desired men.’ Technically, they aren’t seeking God’s face for their own spouse. They are asking God to endorse one of those on the physical list or their mental list.
So here is the real reason you don’t need a prophet to tell you your future with that ‘guy.’ Your guy gambles, drinks too much and has some other addiction issues. He is constantly borrowing and the purpose is not for business or any life threatening situation. What else do you need a prophet for?
When he gets angry, he beats you up while you are dating then he returns to cry on your shoulders and says it was the devil. He himself is the devil and you better run! Well, you remember the verse of scripture that says we should flee all appearances of evil? There you have one evil in front of you and should never be entangled by or stuck with that!
There’s the other guy that sits and does nothing other than hope that all will be well. He has no job and no business. He is not learning a skill or adding any value that will put him in demand and you are ‘hoping with him … against all hope’ that all will be well, you don’t need a prophet to tell you that you are looking at a bleak future.
You need to wake up and save your life or save your future. And trust me you don’t need to waste the prophet or your pastor’s time and also punishing him or her with ‘fasting’ on what obviously has a predictable future.
Oh, before I forget, there’s also the popular lines with ladies or sisters about our ‘men.’ ‘I’m gonna change him’ or ‘he’s going to change. People change you know.’ Well I absolutely agree with you that people change and they can certainly change just to get what they want. They can change just to be the perfect man that you want or the man you are looking for.
So here’s my advice. Leave the job of changing people to the unchangeable changer because you are not the unchangeable changer. God is.

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