Size of the opposition | Fola Daniel Adelesi, ASM, ACL, Wcc

Size of the opposition | Fola Daniel Adelesi, ASM, ACL, Wcc
Sometimes a man can only tell how great he will be in life by the size of the opposition that he faces at every phase of his life. When a man is going to be very great there will be challenges for him to encounter such as none of his contemporaries can withstand or even imagine. The opposition is supposed to break him, make him lose focus and stop him from getting to where he was designed to get to in life.
In the face of opposition one of the duties that every man with a sense of purpose has is to keep the goal in sight and never allow the opposition set a new goal for us in life. We usually make a big mistake when we quit the things that we were doing before the opposition surfaced. The oppositions wins when we quit but when we dont quit the opposition is disappointed and realizes that its not strong enough. When the people around you are trying to stop you from achieving something they will bring your way the things they think are strong enough to stop you. If they bring small things your way then you are not big at all. If they bring really big things your way in a bid to stop you then you will know that they really think a small thing will not stop you.
When people or forces oppose what you are doing in life, the size of the strategic opposition will give you an idea of how big they think you are or how small they think you are. Its like military men going to war. If you go to war with a hundred pistols only then it tells me what you actually think about your enemies. When you go to war with amour tanks, grenade or nuclear bombs, helicopters and you are also monitoring events with trackers then it shows how big you really think your enemies are and that determines how prepared you are for them.
This is the same thing that applies to us. You cannot afford to allow this opposition to stop you because the size of opposition coming your way is the perception of your enemies. When I see someone approaching me with just a hammer then I know he really does not think much of me but when he comes around with a gun so that that he can shoot at a distance, that tells me how much he already feels intimidated about me!
When people are intimidated by the size of your dreams or your visions in life, they will come with stuff you cannot imagine so you should not bother about what they are coming with. One thing a lot of people do in the face of opposition is to change their focus and face the fight only. When you are done fighting you may seem to have win but when you check what your original focus is then you will know that you did not win. This explains why we have a lot of people who started out as celebrities but today we cannot tell stories of what they ended up achieving. We know the gifts they had and know the paths they started out on but the next we can tell is the battle they fought!
The success is not the battle you fought because of the opposition that came your way! The success is that the opposition tried to stop you from going to where you wanted but they could not! In fact, instead of stopping you they made your story more interesting!
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