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If all you ever needed in life was a brilliant idea in order to succeed, then every one with an idea will be extremely successful. All you would have to do is to learn the habit of generating ideas or even try to refine other people’s ideas, make them new and you are on your way to wealth. Unfortunately it is not that cheap! There about seven billion people on the face of the earth right now and nearly all of them have an idea. Everyone wants some form of support or funding for their idea and they want the public to buy into their idea so they can be successful. Have you thought about the fact that there are other people who have the same ideas as you do? Did you realize that something must stand you out for you to still thrive with your ideas? Until you build the required skills to give your ideas a push in life, you may just remain a very intelligent person with no result.
There are several skills you may need but I want to bring four of them to your attention. Once you have any good idea that you think people should buy into then you will need these skills:
1. Communication – Just as blood is synonymous to life, there is no idea that can survive without the communication skills of its owner. Your ability to communicate is very important. You need to be able to speak clearly but more importantly, pass your message across in the shortest possible time. As a good communicator, when you have the chance to prepare a presentation over an idea, your goal would be to ensure that the presentation answers all possible questions that can come up. So at the end of the presentation there is almost no question because you covered everything and cleared every doubt using the most easy to under words! It is not time to impress with big words. Your goal is to get people to understand and buy into your idea. If you cannot communicate, you idea will have issues and may never come alive!
2. Packaging – You are a carrier of an idea. If your own packaging is poor then you have probably ruined the chances of that idea coming to life. Always bear in mind that people will see you first before they hear the idea. So they need to see something good. Anyone may be tempted to believe that a person with a good packaging will also have a well packaged idea. Apart from your personal packaging, your idea also needs to be well packaged. If you are sending your idea in a document make sure it is clean and something stands it out from tons of documents that may be on the receiver’s table. Use graphical illustrations where necessary to save words and communicate faster. You may want to ask others to check your package out just to be sure you are in order.
3. Networking – If you are not a networker then you have a long way to go. You need to be confident but not over confident and be able to meet people easily. You have to be sociable but it does not mean you over stretch yourself to impress people. Getting people’s contacts and keeping in touch will be very helpful for you. When you go out to meetings try and meet new people. If the conversation permits then you should find out what special interests they have. You never can tell who will be interested in what you have!
4. Innovation – We all know that smart phones and tablets are not new inventions! They are simply innovations. What was on the minds of those who innovated for smart phones and tablets? They simply wanted something that can help people do their jobs while they are on the move! What those innovators are still doing today is to help people do more while on the go. You must bring something new to the ideas you want people to buy into. Innovation is about solving problems in unconventional ways using the very common things that the people may be used to. You don’t have to create something that does not exist before, you simply need to use what is in existence to solve another problem. When you innovate, people will be willing to support you and also receive what you do easily.
Remember, it is not just about having a brilliant idea! There are things that can push your own ideas forward and make them stand out from the others! They are the exceptional skills that you must build. Build those skills today or polish and activate them to give your ideas better chance!
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