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I have come to the knowledge of the fact that too many people think their contributions are small and really insignificant wherever they are. Because they carry this wrong mind set, they go to places without making any meaningful impact when they could actually change the world. You may appear small and it may also appear as though your contributions are small. That the contributions are small or look small does not mean that they will have small impact. Sometimes, we do the greatest disservice to our friends, family members, places of work, community, state or nation when we withhold the things we refer to as small contributions. We always think that it is the big people with the big money or big positions alone that can make all the impact we have been thinking about or waiting for.
One of the greatest realities of life is the fact that as big as a ship might be on the sea, you will not need a lot of water to sink the ship. As a matter of fact, the ship seats conveniently on the ocean and it can go for several days and weeks or months without anything happening to it. You also remember that the sheep actually lives on water regardless of the volume of the water. Despite the fact that the ship lives on water all the time, the owners of the ship or managers of the ship will always take precautions to make sure that the ship does not leak in any area. The moment the ship begins to leak then the same water that the ship lives on becomes the doom of the ship. The hole in the ship that allows for water to get into it does not have to be big at all. It can be as tiny as a finger but that hole that can barely take a finger can sink a ship that is bigger than a two storey building. What that tells you is that a hole in the ship may be small but because of its significance, no wise sailor will set out without fixing the hole.
You may be small or you may not be able to do much but the little you can do has a lot to do with the success of someone or the success or a bigger project. We also cook or at least eat if you don’t cook. When you are cooking, for those who cook, you only use a small amount of salt for the food. You do not pour the same amount of salt compared to the needed water or pepper. If you have too much salt you will not be able to eat the food. At the end of the day when the food is ready, you will realize that it is the small salt that gave the food a great taste. In some organizations or families or communities or even countries, you are like that salt. You don’t have to be big to make a big impact. Stop holding back that meal you intend to send to your neighbour because it might be their saving grace for the day. That cash you intend to send to someone may appear small to you but it may be all the person needs for that moment. You may think that the vacant room in your house is small and untidy while someone else is just thinking about where to lay his or her head and rest for the night. Giving someone a ride to work or to any other place just might help them save the money in their pockets for food. It could be that if they spend that money on transportation they will not have anything to eat!
Now is the time to have a rethink on the things you have refused to do because you thought your contribution was small. You have to start making those small contributions. By the way, it is your consistently small contributions that will amount to big contributions. What you are willing to contribute will make a big difference and you should no longer underrate those ‘small contributions’ of yours.
Your little act of kindness is someone else’s miracle! Send in that small contribution today!

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