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When we set out to achieve big dreams, the small things don’t seem to matter. we want to get to work and make big things happen almost instantly, until we are frustrated by some challenges. Then we realise that to make big things happen, we don’t necessarily have to start with doing big things.
In several articles that I have written and used to encourage people, I can summarise some of my counsel to people in these few words: ‘achieve results by doing small things consistently.’ That, I think, is the real secret of so many great and successful men. That explains how people can start businesses from their basements and move to the global scene at the end of the day. It is the ‘small things, big picture approach’ that helps people start businesses from their bedrooms and those businesses eventually move to a board room.
When you have something really big in your heart and you want to make it happen, you may realise that you don’t even have a dime out of all that you need to make the dream a reality. What do you then do? Will you let the dream die or just give it away and let someone else execute the idea?
If you really wan to make anything happen and you also do not want to burn out, what you can do is to do small things with the big picture in mind. Now this is different from the regular talk about start small or starting from where you are. Why is that so? So many people start small but there is no picture of the future in front of them so they remain small. There are those who start from where they are and they don’t have a bigger picture constantly staring them in the face so there is no inner drive pushing them to get things done in a bigger way.
So it is true you need to start small and start from where you are, regardless of the size of the dream. But beyond starting small and starting from where you are, you should do small things first and always keep the big picture in your mind. When you do not put the big picture in your mind,  you will only start small things that will remain very small.
The big picture in your mind will talk to you about where you will want to be in another one year. You may have another picture of where you will want to be in five to ten years. You know what you need to start with right now and you already know what you will need in the years to come. As you begin to make little progress today, you also start preparing for the bigger stage. You start setting resources aside for the bigger stage.
When you do small things with no big picture in mind, you will be very comfortable with every little progress that you are making. I am not saying you should not be satisfied with your progress. I think your progress, no matter how insignificant it seems, should encourage you. That little progress should then encourage you to make bigger attempts rather than making you comfortable to repeat the same effort at the same level with no new aspiration.
In other to put your big picture in your face all the time, you may need to draw up charts or get pictures from the internet and stick them in places you can see them always. You may create milestones for yourself or have a chart of goals clearly written somewhere.
While you are succeeding at the little you are doing, it is very important to  let something push you beyond where you are right now. If everyone around is celebrating you at the moment, do not let that ever get into your head. look for people who know more than you do and will respect you butt challenge you to do more. Bear in mind that regardless of how far you have come, there is always a bigger picture to pursue. And so long as there is a bigger picture, you must never stay in your last recorded progress.

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