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I honestly feel like saying we are in the days of smart phones but the people who are using those phones don’t seem to get smarter. The technological world is selling so much to us and all we do is consume. We want all the latest devices to show that we have arrived even when we don’t need them and those companies are raking in all the money. Check the list of fortune 500 companies or other lists where big and successful companies are listed. Next to oil will be companies selling the devices that you and I are crazy about. That is not the most painful to me. The most painful is the fact that smart devices have become so smart that couples have given their spouses second place after the smart phones or devices.
Today’s greatest threat against marriages might not be the young girls out there flaunting themselves at your husbands or the big aristos – rich older men – promising tempting money to your wives. It may not be the relatives of your spouse who want your spouse to marry another person. If we do not watch carefully, it just might be the smart devices in your hands. How can I say these? We all know that communication is one of the strongest pillars of the marriage. When communication is down then the marriage is as good as dead. What then is working against the communication in marriages today? People are beginning to communicate with their smart devices much more than they communicate with their spouses!
You go to work all through the day and are busy with all the computers or smart devices and you still come back home to get busy with all these devices. There are people who no longer give their spouses attention because they have become so engrossed with chatting away online and checking pictures on the various available social media platforms. I think that the smart devices have made some people become very insensitive to the people around them in their houses.
We all have to check ourselves and be sure that we are not guilty of this act. I dare say that the more attention your phone or other devices receive the more attention your spouse will be craving for. Many people even go as far as buying the very expensive devices and they cannot give their spouses a quarter of that money – either men or women. For some other people, you cannot touch their devices because of the high value they place on the device.
Some couples also go to bed with their devices always. While the other party is waiting to discuss some issues, one acts out being busy with the device until the waiting party falls asleep. These kind of things are things that can create more cracks in your homes. When other issues come up you will think that it is those issues that are being over flooded or the person is just over reacting. You will not be able to easily connect to the fact that the smart phone got your attention much more than your spouse and what you have is a reaction to that scenario.
You can continue with your smart devices or you can choose to save your marriage. The choice is yours. In all of these, I really want you to remember that the life span of those devices, averagely, will be from one to three years. In fact, there are people who cannot keep a phone or other devices for more than three to six months! But in those seemingly short months or years, there is enough time to do more damage than your marriage can bear.
Is it going to be your smart devices all the way or your marriage all the way? The answer is not in your mouth but in your actions!        

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