So how do I make money with my talent? │© Fola Daniel Adelesi

Now that so many people have said and agreed that I can make money with my talent, how do I then make money with my talent? Is that the question on your mind? Well I have a few answers for you that you can get started with and you will be glad you read this is you make use of these simple, timeless and proven strategies for engaging talents in order to earn a decent living!
Let me also say to you that I earn a decent living from my talents so I am not telling you things that do not work. I am simply sharing with you some of the things that have worked for me and some of my talented friends! I have two major talents – Writing and Speaking. I have written and published books that were sold out and some new ones are on the way. I have also spoken my way to national fame through radio presentations, TV presentations and televised debates viewed in most African countries so I am talking about what I know and not what I heard from other people.
If you will ever attract money through your talents, some of the things you have to do include:
1. Identify all your talents. It may also be just one talent but identify it. It is not an issue of how many talents but about how well you use the one you have.
2. Refine the talent. Raw talent is barely useful to both the owner and those who know about it. Some talents require that you take some trainings and master how well to use the talent in different situations.
3. Package the talent. A book is a packaged talent. A video tape or audio CD is a packaged talent. Ornaments, cars, paintings for interior decorations are all packaged talents. They will appeal more to people when packaged so it is important to package your talent.
4. Talk about your talent. Know one will know what you can do until you talk to them about it. You have to talk to people about what you can do and some of these people will talk to others about you. Gradually the word begins to spread!
5. Display your talent. Display your talents at any given opportunity or just when you know people are watching. You never can tell who is watching you. The more people see your skills or talents, the better for you.
6. Ask for opportunities. Life is about negotiations! Don’t be afraid to ask for opportunities. Some opportunities can be grabbed but they will never come if you don’t ask for them. You may have to ask for the first platform to get the word out there about you and when you perform well, people will come knocking at your door.
7. Carve a niche. You must stand out from every other person who shares the same talent with you. Look for something that will stand you out and always work with it.
8. Network seriously. Attend business or professional meetings. Ask for people’s contacts. Send emails or texts once in a while to keep in touch. Call if you can. Knowing a special day in the lives of your contacts may mean so much to them. You need to build the confidence to walk up to people and introduce yourself to them.
9. Probonos will help. Some people will never let you into their network until you have convinced them about what you can do. They may not want to take chances with their money and that’s where probono comes in. You have to be willing to do some things for free and you should also know when to stop.
10. Use the social media. This is the fastest way to get the word out there and it is also the cheapest way! Have your personal or official accounts on the major social networking sites and gradually build your friends or followers and fans! Post from time to time about what you do and respond to people’s questions.
11. Keep records of what you do. Sometimes when I introduce myself to some new contacts in order to get businesses from them, the first thing they ask is, ‘what have you done before?’ You need pictures or videos or audio CDs of what you have done. Your records can also be on a website so you will need a blog or a website.
Remember that talent attracts money and it can also attract more money than anyone else can ever pay you just by waiting on them for daily instructions. One of the reasons you also have to work in the area of your gifting is that you will have less stress to deal with compared to those who are not working in the area of their strength or skills.


  1. Please you need to help me , i dont really know my talents. I dont even kno how to package my talents. People tell me that i can write and I also know how to draw and design on paper, cardboards, etc. I dont know what to do with these talents or how to make money from them.
    Please help me.

    1. Hello C.C.I, from the things you have listed it is obvious that you already know your talents. Maybe how to commercialize it is the main thing you want to sort right now. I should start by saying you need to brush up the talent. There are several things you can do with the ability to write and draw. You can write a book, publish and begin to make money. Just make sure you write on the subjects you know very well and are comfortable with. You may also write for organisations or magazines, journals and so on. As for drawing, you can draw, put the drawings in nice frames and sell them as decorations for homes and offices. You can do cartoons for publishers of news dailies or special comic books for kids. Drawing skills are also needed by media houses in order to animate some of their TV productions so you can consider talking to a TV producer about your skill. Start from there.

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