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It is amazing how only one funny instruction can save a widow from the embarrassment she was already facing. The embarrassment was so serious that it was going to take away her joy by seizing her two sons. Why was that? Her husband owed while he was alive. In her own words, when she was reporting the matter to the prophet of God, we realized that the husband was diligent and faithful.
We don’t know what went wrong but this faithful and diligent man was so poor that he could leave nothing but debts for his wife and two sons. In order to save the situation, the woman was instructed, after admitting she had a jar of oil, to borrow as many as possible. She was also told to not borrow a few. And then she was told to keep pouring the oil into all the jars.
So many people that the continuous flow of the oil, as the woman poured, was the only great thing that happened in that story. I think that a few other things happened. The first was that she was told to go and borrow again! It was the borrowing done by her husband that got her in to that situation. I would have thought she would be afraid to borrow again. What if something happens to the jar? What happens if they get broken? She would incur additional debts! Maybe she didn’t realize that or she just ignored it. She was not only told to borrow, she had to borrow many. That must be a foolish thing to do in this present day. You owe and someone tells you to borrow more! I know many people will not do that. 
You will agree with me that a really strange part of the story is when she had to continue pouring oil and the oil never seized to flow until there was no more jar. In some others articles I have written, I interpreted having no more jar as reaching the peak of one’s capacity. Where did she get the faith to believe that so long as she was pouring the oil would keep flowing? Has it ever happened before? Does it make any sense? Who would have belied that? The instruction was really strange but she followed it. I dare say that those who follow strange instructions see strange results.
Let’s take a look at the pouring. If she got the bigger jars and refused to pour the oil, nothing would have happened. She could have been trying to figure out how the oil in a small jar will fill up the bigger jars. The pouring is symbolic for some things in this present day. What does it mean to us?
Pouring can represent the following:
1. The services you render either freely or otherwise.
2. The faith you exercise in God.
3. Your absolute obedience to God without adding your human reasoning.
4. The risk you are taking without being limited by current realities.
5. To keep pouring can also be to invest continuously in others.
So long as the small jar was pouring, it never ran out of oil! How amazing is that? The smaller jar could probably have said, ‘I don’t have enough.’ When you look at what you have in your hands too it may look like you do not have enough. Therefore, it looks like the right thing to do is to hold unto what you have. It does not work that way! To get more you have to give more. That oil kept flowing because it kept pouring.
I want to encourage you to keep pouring into others as well. They may look bigger than you. They may appear as though they have more than you do. You will not look at such things if you will pour into people. You will just keep pouring. Help them financially where you can. Send in a word for them or a recommendation where you can. Help someone get a job if you can. Do as much as you can for other people without necessarily expecting them to start worshipping you for it.
Here’s what to remember. When the small jar kept pouring, it had more to pour but when it stopped pouring it also had nothing left! Keep pouring yourself and resources into others.

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