So what’s your calling? – Fola Daniel Adelesi, ASM, ACL, Wcc

So whats your calling | Fola Daniel Adelesi, ASM, ACL, Wcc
I have met a number of people who think that some other people are so lucky because those people have a calling. They think they do not have a calling and do not really see themselves as people who should bother about the issue of calling in life. Do I have a calling, some people may want to ask. If I am to answer you then I will say, oh, yes you do! I believe everybody does
Someone like Sam Adeyemi will keep hammering on raising role models and someone like Bishop David Oyedepo will keep talking about destroying the ignorance in Africa. Joel Osteen keeps talking about hope and Dr. Myles Munroe keeps talking about purpose. If you know John C. Maxwell then you know that he does not talk about anything most times apart from leadership. Bimbo Odukoya only talked about relationships when she was alive!
All these people are talking and acting and living based on their inner conviction about the calling in life. They cannot find fulfillment anywhere else apart from doing what they are already doing. This is the only thing that explains why they were born and why they had to be born at the time they were born. When a man is born, he is born because of a calling but he is usually born with a gift or an ability that will aid the calling.
Some people have the ability to talk and others have the ability to sing. Some people are so gifted at arts or creative works such that they can imagine things and draw them. For some other people, their giftings come with their hands and they can do some very amusing things. Throughout the growing years of a man, the life of that man is so orchestrated that the special gifts in him will begin to manifest while playing with other children or even when playing alone. Some of the events around us are just not ordinary events because they are meant to bring out the talents in us. In some cases, some children have exhibited their talents and they have been supported by their parents and in some other cases, the children have exhibited their talents and they have been shut down or discouraged by their parents. For example, a young chap may begin to talk and someone around may say, shut up! You talk to much!. Out of ignorance the person is already beginning to shut down the ability of that child and some children may not have the strong will to continue.
Life has been made a better place for all of us because of the gifting of different people. Imagine that the person who created computers had not created them! Imagine that the person who created an airplane had given up on the project! Imagine that the inventors of cars had given up on creating cars! They had their callings about what issues to tackle and what solutions to proffer for their generation. If they had no calling they would have made no impact.
Jesus specifically says in the book of John 15, I have chosen you, ye have not chosen me and that means God himself chose everyone especially for a purpose. With this, it is obvious that you have a calling and you must work on making it a clear calling
Remember that the manufacturer of a chair planed the purpose of the chair before deciding what to create. The manufacturer of table knew what purpose the table will serve before creating so you should know that you as a human being are far more relevant and could not have been created without a calling. In all ramifications, your calling determines who you are and what you do or will do for anyone or through anyone so, whats your calling?
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