So you know my past! So what? │© Fola Daniel Adelesi

So many people need to break free from their past and the bondage they have also gotten into because of those who know about their past! You should never let people hold you down because they know how bad you used to be or they know about some of the terrible things you have done before! That was your past and it is different from now! Your past is who you used to be and we are now in the present! If you allow that past to continue to hold you down then you are already determining your future because what you do now is what determines your future!
I have seen so many people keep trying to please those who know about their past so that what those people know will not become public knowledge! Sometimes in the bid to do that, those who know something about their past begin to exploit them until they have nothing to give again. In some cases the exploitation may not come in form of money or material possession! It could be a man harassing a woman because of what he knows and taking advantage of that to sexually abuse the woman! You will never be able to adequately imagine what people are going through just because they have something to cover up from the public. And when things like that happen, there are those who know about the secrets and just keep using it against them!
Someone reading this might even be a victim or you know someone who is a victim of what I am talking about. I suggest you get the victim, if you are not the person, to read this article and to break free from the claws abusers who are taking advantage of the past! It is your past! You must reckon with that and it is called the past because it is already gone! Maybe it might be a different ball game if you have committed a crime before and the only person who knows about the crime is now tormenting you! Have you thought about the fact that if you have a good lawyer to explain things to then this only person who is tormenting you will lose the power to torment you and take whatever he or she wants from you?
In some other cases it’s just some people who know that you were not academically sound but now they can see that you have succeeded so much and they have problems accepting that you are now a success! Some of them want to go round talking about it whenever they have the opportunity to say that they used to know you in school and you were so dull! Well, let me tell you what to say to such people! You can say, ‘you were good in school but here you are with no results to show for it. I was dull in school but after school I learnt certain things that helped me in life so here I am today! Life is not about good grades! There is something else you need to learn in life to succeed!’ let them know that they only went to school to memorize books that are not producing results for them now! It is not a crime to be academically dull or even sound but you should never put it in other people’s faces after that phase of their life!
Your past is your past because it is past! Never let it hold you down and never let another person use it to pin you down because if you do then you are already destroying your future!
Think on these things!
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