Something can still happen | Fola Daniel Adelesi

As the year begins to wind down, many people also wind down in their minds regarding many things they have been working on or hoping for. As this conscious or unconscious wind down begins, they tend to put their hope and success into the New Year.
Some are able to get their energy levels up in the New Year as projected but some simply continue the old way. I think you should not be putting your energy on hold for a new year. If you have only one day to go in a new year, so much can still happen needless to talk about when you have a whole month and some days.
You must understand that things happen in your mind. Things are unlocked and they become locked in your mind. While the year is not over, it is already locked in some people’s minds. This isn’t because they have achieved all they intend to achieve but because they think not much can be done this year.
Sometimes you really need to ask yourself how long it takes to transform a life. Sometimes it is just one day. In some cases it will be a one minute event that will turn things around. Others are able to make a difference in their lives in one week. The timing may not be as much as you thought is required to make the difference that you need.
I understand many people think they’ve lost so much time already. They think 11 months are almost gone and I didn’t achieve much so what can I possibly achieve in this one month that is left? Well, for starters, one month is enough to get a new job or you can still get your first job! One month is enough to start another business or create a new engagement that will give you the fulfillment that you desire.
Now let’s look at it from another perspective that can help you see that if all you have left is one month then you have a long time. I hope you’re a law abiding citizen but let’s just say something happens and the court rules that you go to prison for only one month. Would you say, ‘oh, it’s just one month and that’s not much?’ No! Even a criminal who knows he actually committed an offence does not want to spend one hour in jail not to talk about one month. If one month is too long to go to prison then one month is long enough to turn things around for yourself.
You should never think that all the time is gone and nothing can be done again. You can return to that company for new negotiations or propose something new. As the holidays approach and people all over the world want to start travelling, that’s when someone is going to come up with a service or an idea that travelers need and the person will smile to the bank with a lot of money.
I understand people wait till January to set goals that they often neglect after a while. I really want to challenge you to set goals for the last few days of this year and see how much you can still achieve before the year is over.

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