Something needs to change – Fola Daniel Adelesi

Every time in a society people always identify something that needs to change but the challenge in the society is not in identifying what needs to change but in also identifying who needs to commence the change.
There several communities in different nations of the world today that have refused to change definitely because the society will not change itself. The geographical location did not turn itself to what it is in the first place and definitely needs and external touch to bring it into a new look and a new level.
It is time for us all to take responsibility. If something needs to change then it will not only change because we have found out that it needs to change. Let us take responsibility. I have always told people that there is no developed nation today that did not first begin the development of its nation in the minds of the people. This simple means that the people knew they needed to change something in their nations. The nation was prepared for the changed, first in the minds of the people, and then the people began to take responsibility.
If there needs to be a change in your school, office, workshop or any community, you need to understand that the process of change is always enormous and in most cases not a single man can carry out the change. You can initiate a change process but you cannot single handedly continue and finish it up. Take a look at the change process that was initiated by the advocates of freedom from slavery in the United States. It had been a long standing battle before Marting Luther was born but when he came he made a vision out of the long standing battle. Making a vision out of what needs to be done gave it a new face that made the issue outlive him. About 45 years after his death his vision came to pass. His vision that was professed sometimes in 1963 came alive in 2008 through the person of Obama.
Between 1963 and 2008 there had been other people who stood as links in the long chain. The change you need may not stay this long. It could be something you would be able to do in a year or in some months depending on how radical you are. When you identify the need to change something, the next and seemingly most important thing to do is to look for what medium to want to use to initiate change where there needs to be a change.
Often times it is your area of passions that will be the best for you if you need a platform to initiate change. Some people in a nation initiate change by talking to inform the people, others do it by feeding the orphans and the poor. Some initiate their change by clothing the naked. Others say they want to be entrepreneurs so they initiate their change through creation of jobs. When you find a way to change your society and you start it, the truth is that you will always find something else that needs to change. When you are stabilized in one area of change then you can get into changing the nation through another form. Just take responsibility for change and stop looking for who should start the change. Only irresponsible people do that.

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