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It cannot get so bad in life that you will not have anything to hope for except you are looking in the wrong direction. Sometimes when we say all hope is lost, it that time that we can find the strongest hope if we look deep down within us. There will always be something to hope or hold unto no matter how bad things get for other people. We also need to change our perspective in order to see those things that we can still hold unto and hope for. If we have the wrong perspective there is no way we can see hope but when we keep the right perspective you will always see hope in everything.
Apart from just trying to encourage you be hope in all situations, let’s really ask ourselves if you don’t have anything that can at least boost your hope! If you are reading this article at the moment it means you are learned! Since you are learned it is something that should at least boost your hope. If you can see what I have written then it means you have eyes! Be grateful for those eyes and increasing your hope as well because some else does not have eyes! If you understand the things you have seen and read, it means your brain is working! Common! How can you have a functional eye and brain and you still think you have nothing to hope for?
It may look like all is not well at the moment but you must know that all will be well so long as you are still alive. Some people are dead and the dead cannot talk about hope! Only those who are alive cannot talk about hope! Do you think there is nothing to hope for again regarding your children? Do you think they have gone completely wayward and they cannot be refined? Stop thinking that way! Instead, think about all those who have had a bad past and have now turned a new leaf. So long as you are alive and well, you will always have something to hope for!
You may not have achieved all that you intend to achieve in life or it may even seem as though you will never achieve anything but you still have hope! The only truly hopeless man is a the dead man because he can no longer do anything about his situation! He’s dead and that is the end. It is not the same for you who is still alive so the fact that yo are still alive gives you something to hope for.
Look around you very well and look at the positive things rather just focusing on the negative things! Take a look at those who have succeeded and know that you can also succeed the way they succeeded! Say to yourself that there is hope for you. Take a look at those getting jobs and say, ‘there is hope for me and I will get my own job.’ Take a look at those starting business an excelling and say to yourself that your own business will prosper as well!
There is hope for you and yo have something to hope for! While you are thinking you have a big problem, others have bigger and more scary problems! Until you hear the story of others, you will never know how lucky you have been or how blessed you have been!
Rather than saying, ‘there is no hope,’ start saying, ‘there is hope!’ Say to yourself that things are going to get better. Say to yourself that you have things to hope for and as you say that and act on it, there will be obvious reasons for you to hope for more!
Keep hoping because all hope is not lost and keep hoping because you have something to hope for!
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