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The best way to integrate a child into any family is to speak to that child. You don’t only talk to that child once and forget about it. You keep talking to that child every time. You turn to the child and stare the child in the face. When you want to leave the child becomes uncomfortable and then you stay to reassure the child that you are still with her. That’s what you should do to your dreams!
Many of us imagine the dreams or create the dreams. Maybe I should say conceive the dreams and abandon them because we think that when the time comes the dream will speak for itself. I have not seen any baby that can speak by herself without any form of integration with the family.
Can you possibly give birth to a child, keep her to herself in a room and feed her or check her just once in a while? Will the child ever learn how to talk or can the child even survive? If the baby can’t survive then you need to note that your dreams also can’t survive loneliness.
I have seen several healthy babies and I can tell that what makes the baby healthy is not just the food that the baby is eating. There is a healthy rapport between the parents of the baby and they also communicate constantly with the baby. What do parents communicate to their babies especially when the babies can’t talk? Some of the things we communicate to our babies that can’t talk yet include:
Love – We show them love from the way we carry and care for them.
Hope – Our smiles and looks can communicate hope to them.
Safety – They get the message of safety when we don’t let anything go wrong with them.
Companionship – As we spend time with them they see us as companions.
Support – They rely on us so much for everything and they feel bad if that support is cut off or not offered in time.
Confidence – After a while the babies begin to make some moves and our actions or reactions give them confidence or make them withdraw.
All babies understand the languages above despite the fact that they can’t even talk or clearly express themselves. Guess what, those are also the exact ways in which you should communicate with your dreams because your dreams are actually your babies!
We are healthier when we feel loved and a dream also comes alive at the feel of your love for it. If you don’t give hope to your dreams, who will? So you need to communicate hope to your dreams.
Just like the babies, our dreams want our consistent companionship. We can’t be there today and are not there tomorrow. We have to be there all the time. That way, the dreams can grow and advance faster.
I can tell this is not the regular thing you expected when you saw the title asking you to speak to your dreams. Maybe you were expecting me to say stay positive and speak positive words to your dreams. Yes, you have to speak positive words to your dreams but there is much more than speaking positive words to your dreams if you are really speaking to your dreams. It’s like speaking positive words to a child that you are not nurturing. Can that child grow properly?
Don’t just speak positive words to your dreams. Speak through actions to your dreams and watch it become a reality!  

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