Spectators’ Passion – Fola Daniel Adelesi

Sometimes I wonder why we do not pay attention to the strength of passion inside of us! We have so much strength inside of us coming from the passion that we have but the truth is that there are only a few events that can get the passion inside of us to its peak. All over the world people claim they need motivation to do whatever they need to do but I should begin to ask where they get their motivation to willingly go to the stadium around to watch football matches and shout with the kind of excitement that you can barely explain. They don’t wait to pushed out of their homes to watch football matches and a lot of people do not wait to be motivated to listen to news on sports.
I also figured out that if the only news that exists in the world is sports news a lot of people would be so versatile with news and current affairs around the world. One of the things you need to see when you enter a stadium is the nearly uncontrollable optimism that you see in the people who have come to cheer the player of different teams. Before the match begins the stadium if filled and there is noise everywhere with high expectations from everyone present in there. For those who cannot make to the stadium you need to see how much stress they sometimes go through to watch the match. Some people who have to leave their offices to get home before viewing the matches sometimes leave their offices two hours before close of work just because of a football match and some of them come late because of a football match.
If we have this kind of euphoria all over the place just because there is going to be a football match I really want to ask why we can’t willingly transfer that consuming passion into our businesses and other personal daily activities. If we all transfer the kind of passion we have for football into business, charitable works, community development and other endeavours we will be amazed that only a few things we not work.
When you see your favourite footballers taking a kick nobody motivates you to shout just to encourage the player! You naturally respond to their actions even when you are not being paid to shout and the person who is playing is being paid to play. On this note I sincerely suggest that you should stop waiting for an external force to motivate you but find a way to motivate yourself for the goals ahead of you and motivate yourself for the task ahead. You have to be self-driven and that is easier when you choose in any given situation what you really love to do. If you are not motivated to shout while watching a football match then I suggest you transfer that football passion into something more worthwhile for you as an individual. Transfer your football passion into the organizational growth of your company or the personal productivity of your family members.
We often have a reservoir of passion for the things we really need to do but most of us never do the things we really should do because we are waiting to be motivated when nobody motivates us to do the things that we derive pleasure from. You need to choose today if you want to wait to be motivated about your personal success or willingly motivate yourself for only those things that fetch immediate pleasure for you.

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