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There is hardly anyone who does not know what to do with money. The only difference between one person and the other is that one knows how to spend and the other knows how to earn. Maybe we should just say a simple way to know the one who will eventually become rich or remain poor is to see who just spends and the one who earns.
Many times when we expect money from one person, business or jobs that we are doing, we are mostly thinking about the next expense. Before the money comes we have already spent it and as soon as it comes it is already disappearing.
Following this style of financial habit, many claim that they do not have enough even when what they earn is more than enough to set them up for good in life. We have developed our capacity to spend and we do that easily any time any day but we barely develop our capacity to earn.
Let me say that there will always be a good enough reason to spend and keep spending all the time. In fact, some people have said that money is meant to be spent. While that is true, it is also a reflection of the hearts of people who are not financially intelligent.
There is no other way to define poverty than to describe it as having the capacity to spend, constant need for money and not increasing the capacity to earn. On the other hand, the rich person or the one who will become rich can also spend and has constant need for money but the capacity to earn is always constantly increased.
A lot of people probably know how to spend already but will have questions regarding increasing their capacity to earn. Among many others, I can suggest you do the following in order to increase your capacity to earn:
1. Expand and develop your mind ~ When this happens your capacity to earn is limitless. I am not talking about going to school. I am talking about a real mind blowing expansion that will never let your mind return to where it was.
2. Use a financial consultant ~ For many in this side of the world, using a financial consultant seems strange. We seem to know it all by ourselves. We think there is nothing new the consultant will tell us that we don’t know but you will see that those who have increased their capacity to earn also use consultants.
3. Mentoring ~ There’s no way we will stop talking about mentoring and it is one of the age long secrets of success in every area of life. If you want to increase your capacity to earn then you need financial mentors. I am not talking about those who know what to say when it comes to money. I am referring to those who will show you practically how to increase your earning capacity.
4. Buy with the future in mind ~ Many people don’t buy with the future in mind. They simply buy what they want instead of buying what the need. When you buy what you want you will soon have to sell it to buy what you really need.
5. New skills ~ I think nothing brings money faster than new skills. If you were able to do just one thing before, get new skills that may be related to the skills you already have or the business and jobs you are in.
While this is an eye opener for you, please take your time from now on to develop your capacity to earn and not stay with your spending capacity.
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