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The typical bus conductor in Lagos, Nigeria reminds me of something that we all need to reflect on from time to time. These bus conductors are the ones who always call passengers into the bus and once the bus is full, a number of them just collect the fares and go on to the next bus. Simply put, they call people to come and board buses to their destinations but they themselves are not going anywhere!
Immediately I thought about that, I realized that many Christians may just be like that. We are calling people to come and board a bus but are we really in that bus? We have the mandate to go into the world and teach all nations but do we just teach from our heads or we have a relationship with the one we are teaching about?
There are too many people who are talking about Jesus but they do not know anything about this Jesus they refer to. Are we going to be spiritual conductors? These conductors get people to their destinations but they themselves never go there. Are we just calling people to come into the bus taking people to heaven and we are not going?
It may seem as though the answers to my questions are simple. Before you answer them, take a look at the Christian world today. It’s a world where a pastor comes out to say he is gay. A world where you talk about some terrible acts and some so called sons and daughters of God are at the fore front!
Many visit the church every week but going to church for them is like another social gathering. They will be bored if they do not go to church so you may say they go to church to be entertained. We then ask other people to come to church as well. In fact, I should say that I am very concerned. Are we supposed to just get people to a church building or bring them into a kingdom?
A number of people are getting it wrong and now the emphasis of their gospel is even in the doctrine of their church and not the doctrine directly taught by Jesus or the ones revealed to us through Apostle Paul. Religious leaders give their followers or surbordinates targets of the people they must bring to church. This in itself is not wrong but many of them do it just to have more numbers to point at. It may not be about genuine repentance of those souls but the numerical increase, and possibly the commensurate financial returns for the church leader.
We need to check what we are doing right now in order to be sure that we are not working as those who went on their own rather as those who were truly sent. When we work as people who went on their own we can be sure there is no reward from God. When we work as sent people then we know that the one who sent us will reward us.
More importantly, let’s be sure that we have a relationship with this Jesus that we are asking others to come to. Don’t be a teacher without the real or experiencial knowledge of the person you are teaching about. People do not want to hear about the Jesus that you read about! They want to hear about the Jesus that you have experienced!
Please be informed that there are so many spiritual bus conductors out there who are trying to get passengers into the bus leading to eternity. Only that they are not going. Are you one of such people? Are you asking people to come to the kingdom and you are not doing what can keep you in the kingdom? Watch it and decide where you are going. You cannot deceive others about this. You can only deceive yourself! Where do you stand?

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  1. And paul said “lest after I have preached to others, I myself might be cast away”. Your post pre-supposes that ppl r even ‘conducting’. I pray more exemplary christians rise up to be a light to others. That is the only way

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