Squandered Passion – Fola Daniel Adelesi

There are so many people who have the potential to succeed at everything they do but they end up not succeeding as much as they want to or not succeeding at all simply because of squandered or misguided passion.
In my few years of teaching business, motivation and leadership, close to ten (10) years, at the time I sat to write this piece, I have seen so many people, some of them younger than I am and some of them older than I am, who have dreams and really want to achieve their dreams. They do not only have the dreams they are working on they also have the passion to accomplish the dream but as soon as they begin to talk you can tell that they have a misguided passion that they will squander sooner than the whole work begins. When you have projects on your hands it is important to be happy about those projects and it is necessary to talk about the project passionately because you should be informed that there are times when people buy into your passion before buying into your vision. What’s the essence of having a vision that does not convey your passion?
Despite the need for people to sometimes buy into your passion before buying into your vision it should also be noted that that passion could also be a reason for them not to buy into it when the passion seems to be overblown. When you talk you have to ensure that your passion is not separated from reasoning. Your passion should be amusing but not confusing. Your passion should convey your depth of knowledge about the project you are working on and your willingness to start. Your passion should potentially help people in the interpretation of your commitment to the work. When you passion leaves people wondering if you are a realistic person then you are beginning to squander the passion because it is already working against you rather than working for you.
When you talk passionate you are not allowed to leave out details and the relevant logic need to convey a message. You should also put to consideration if what you are passionate about at the moment will be useful to you. I have seen a lot of young men argue passionately about the career of other people who do not even know anyone is talking about them. I have seen young men argue passionately about football, footballers, football clubs and the fortune that the footballers will never share with them if they argue from now till eternity.
Unfortunately some have gone as far as fighting each other and sustaining injuries over what is not going to bring a penny into their pockets because they want to make a point. Whatever point you have to make without any positive impact on the listener or the speaker is in the first place not a necessary point and you may end up being hurt when your point is not accepted. At the end of the show you become hurt because it seemed as if your passion was not strong enough to win the opponent over.
Stop squandering your passion on projects that have a lot of activities but does not have one thing you can point to as the productive result you have from it! You need your passion for more important things than arguing about people who do not know you and will never share their money with you except you have something to offer. Refocus your passion by checking yourself to make sure that everything you are passionate about is a positive thing and in a way directly affects the life of the listener and you.

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