Stalemate in destiny? – Fola Daniel Adelesi

There can be a stalemate in the game of chess but I do not I agree there will be a stalemate in the game of destiny. Everybody says you have to understand that in life it should be a “win-win” situation but you must understand that situations will not create an atmosphere for a win-win situation all the time.
Have you ever wondered why it’s so easy for bad things to happen and it takes a long time for good things to happen? Did you ever imagine that it takes less effort to allow things degenerate but it just might take a life time to make something work if you eventually get it to work? Can you remember the last time you made a mistake and how it was easy for everyone to remember rather remembering the good things that you did almost perfectly?
All of these point to the fact that life will not give you an easy, rosy, “jack-pot-route” to wherever you are going. Unfortunately the 21st century tv brings to your notice the make-belief easy ways to succeed with all different kinds of “promo” from competing companies. When you see the mouth-watering offers you get to assume that success can be an overnight venture but when you try and do not win as it is the case with most people, then the psychological consequences come to play. What consequences can come with such issues? I imagine a person trying to win a promo and losses out at the end of the game saying to himself, “oh, I must be a damn loser if I can’t win something as simple as this!”
I have not said all these to make you believe that it will not be easy to succeed. I have only made an attempt to help you understand that success is not as hard as we often think but it does not also come as cheap as we expect it! It will always be there but attaining success is what a whole lot of people have problems with.
You can’t go through life assuming that you are not winning and that at the same time you are not losing. That I think would be restricted to games on papers, boards and on the football pitch where there can be a draw! It is even an illusion to think that your life is stagnant because the truth is that it can only be progressing or retrogressing. There are people moving past you everyday and you cannot change the fact that your life will be judged compared with these people. if that is so then don’t presume you will have a stalemate in destiny if you don’t win.
Jerk your mind out of that illusion and start winning from now by making sure you either win or you win because the only option you have is to win and win again. When you get knocked down you have not lost until you stay down! When you are struck down you are not destroyed until you allow yourself to be consistently struck down. Hurry out from the company of people who have no aspirations. Take a race, and I advise you go at top speed, out of the camp of people who are looking for a draw in life because they will never get it. There is no stalemate in destiny!

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