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When I idea strikes you, it is possible you are thinking about the right time to start working on the idea. You are probably wondering when to make the move. Should it be at the beginning of the year or you wait a few months into the year before you start?
The time to start making that move is now. You should understand that time will soon hit the speed you can’t imagine and when you don’t start making the moves for your ideas immediately, it just might be too late.
In a New Year, some may say ‘oh we are just a few days into the New year so there is still time.’ At the moment when you are saying there is still time, some other people have started hitting their goals and have probably started off with some of the biggest goals.
Before the end of the first month there will be people who have almost hit their major goals for the year. So now is the time to start making the moves for your goals. Even if the idea did not come to you at the beginning of the year, make the move.
Don’t say you will wait till the beginning of a New Year before you start making the moves about the ideas in your head. I remember something that happened for me last year (2015). Just as the year was wrapping up, it was getting busier for me. Most people were wrapping up for the year and they wanted to take a break before the New Year. I kept getting ideas and also kept making propositions. Interestingly, I was getting good feedback and that encouraged me to move on.
You should know that you don’t have to wait till it is time to make a big move. A small but consistent move in the direction of your goals and vision for the year counts a lot. Sometimes the move can be as simple as a phone call or an email. It could be a text message or a visit that will not cost you much.
Don’t delay further on what needs to be done. Don’t think that you still have all the time in the world. You don’t have any issue if you achieve early and start resting. But you will become apprehensive when the year is running out and you still haven’t done much.
Some people like to spend so much time planning and trying hard to perfect their plans. By the time they think they have perfected their plans, so much time has been wasted and opportunities may have been lost.
It is important to have a plan, but start with it instead of waiting till it’s perfect. There are so many things you will start but you can never have a perfect plan for them until you have started. Some others will think they have it all figured out until they start and some little thing messes them up.
When you don’t make the move, in that moment when the goals and ideas or plans are fresh, you can also lose momentum. The energy that brought the ideas is lost and you have none to pursue. If your start making the move, the initial energy can be sustained and so much can be achieved.
Before you lose your energy for your goals, dreams, plans, ideas or vision, start making the move now.    

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