Starting and promoting a blog | A crash course by Fola Daniel Adelesi, ASM

If this is your first time of reading about blogging then I suggest you visit a few blogs to really grasp what these tips are all about. When you visit these blogs it will be easier to understand what is being discussed or suggested for your use. I hope you find this very useful.
A few blogs I suggest you visit
Brief introduction to blogging
1.) A blog is an interactive online forum where you can have a personal page (an example is
2.) When you create your page you can invite people to respond to issues on your page because there are columns where people can pass comments on your posts.
3.) Having a blog makes you available on search engines like google or any other one. Your works on the internet will pop up whenever anybody types your name into the search engine and that will lead them to your webpage.
4.) You can use the blog to promote whatever you do on the internet.
5.) If your blog is very active you may not need another website because your blog is accessible anywhere in the world like any other website.
6.) If you really want to use your blog for serious business you have to work on driving traffic – inviting people – to your webpage. I will tell you how to do that in subsequent pages.
Creating a blog for yourself
1.) You can enter any search engine and type the word ‘blog’ to get a list of different blogs and choose which one you would like to use. Before that I can easily tell you that ‘taking it global (,’ ‘wordpress (’ and ‘blogspot (’ are some of the most popular blogs.
2.) For the purpose of this brief introduction I will suggest you go for ‘wordpress’ ( To start blogging please enter the link into your browser.
3.) The last step takes you to the home page of wordpress. From there you will find a ‘sign up’ button. Click the sign up button to commence registration of your blog.
4.) Please note that if you have a slow link the sign up button may not be displayed so you may have to refresh the page or look for ‘register a new blog.’
5.) You will be required to enter usernames. I always suggest you use your name ( so that it will be easy for people to remember your web address
6.) You will also be required to use passwords. Passwords on wordpress are usually a combination of letters and figures. If you want to use letters alone then you should use slightly long words. You will be told the password strength after entering the word. If it’s low then you will need to use another word.
7.) When you are done with the registration page you will be required to open your email to click a link which completes the registration process. Once you get a message that your blog is now active then you can commence blogging.
8.) To visit your new page enter the link (eg.
9.) To start uploading on your site enter the admin page by typing the new link and add ‘wp-admin.’ (eg. To enter my admin page I will type
10.) The last step takes you to a login page where you provide username and password. Your username is the same as the name of the site (eg. foladaniel is the username for
11.) When usernames and passwords are entered correctly the next page you will see is your dashboard (same as admin page). This is where you edit what you need to edit or add whatever you need to add.
To upload texts
(articles, marketing materials, type in an information)
1.) You will usually find two columns on the right side of this dashboard. A small and a big one. On top of the small one you will see ‘title.’ Enter the title of whatever you want to upload and you will see content on top of the big column. Copy and paste the content of whatever you are uploading into the big column.
2.) The next column you will see is for ‘tags’ – this is to put your articles or content in categories. For instance if your article is on leadership you will type leadership into the column for tags. This will make it easy for users of search engines to find your article when they are looking for anything under leadership.
3.) After putting the articles in categories you will find a ‘publish’ button. Click on the publish button to make the new article available on your webpage. You will repeat this process anytime you want to upload a new article.
4.) When you want to see the new article on your page you can look for the ‘visit page’ button and click on it to see your article. If this is not displayed then you may just type your new blog address (eg. to see your new article on the blog.
5.) To create additional pages on your blog remember to enter the dashboard by typing (eg the only thing that will change is that you have to put your name and not my name. When you have supplied username and password you will be back on the dashboard. Look to the left side of the dashboard to locate some bars. You will find the bars for pages, links, appearances and others. Click on pages to create and name additional pages. Follow the instruction on uploading articles to put content on the new page.
6.) To choose a new template or new theme you will click on appearance. This will show you several appearances available on the wordpress site that you can click on activate to have that theme running on your webpage.
To promote or drive traffic to your webpage
1.) You have to tell people about your site and do it in different ways.
2.) Make your new link a signature on your email accounts and for text message from your phone
3.) When you type documents you have to put your new link in footnotes or may choose to make it a header.
4.) You can use facebook or other social utilities to promote your blog. In the same line where you upload pictures on facebook, you can click on link to always type your link and make sure people visit.
5.) Put our new link on notice boards for people to know about it and visit it as well
6.) Don’t forget to put the new link on your complimentary cards whenever you are printing .
7.) If you are delivering a lecture or speech in any gathering you can take advantage of that gathering to notify people and as well paint a good picture of interesting things they can find on it.
8.) Have the new web address stuck on your wall such that everyone who comes in can see
9.) Make sure the new link is a part of your letter head.
Sustaining the traffic
1.) Keep your site new by putting something new from time to time
2.) Sometimes all you may do to the site is to change the appearance by adding pictures or changing the theme you are using.
3.) Make your content very engaging and respond to people’s comments on your blog.

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