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When you are going on a long journey one of the most important things you will do is to pack your bags. You want to be sure that you have all that is needed for the journey because you don’t want to be stranded anywhere. Many of us start our journey in life with the intention to succeed and be rich but we don’t pack the bags needed with the right things? Or maybe I should ask you questions? What kind of bag do you think you need when starting the journey to wealth and what should you pack into the bag? The bag you need is your mind!
While the bag we need is the mind, many of us have been packing the wrong things – things that will never make us rich – into those bags and we expect to become rich simply because we already have those things in our bags.
At this point it is I port ant for us to start an unlearning and relearning process before we begin the journey to wealth together. Forget all the wrong things you have learnt about working very hard after getting a degree. That is not to say you should not get a degree or work very hard but they may never make you a wealthy person! Mark my words and watch for other articles on about the things you struggle for but will not give you wealth.
If you want to be rich the first thing you have to deal with is your mind. It is like the law  of the lid as proposed by John C. Maxwell. The law of the lid simply explains how a leader cannot lead people beyond his capacity. If I can extend the law of the lid into wealth then you should already know it means that you or no man can be richer than the content or the capacity of his mind.
When you go to an ATM machine, it will only continue to dispense money when there is money in it. The machine cannot produce more than the amount of money kept in it. Once the money kept in it is exhausted you will have to load it with money before it can continue dispensing money. This is the same with your mind. If you want to be rich then start with your mind. The wealth you can produce is proportionate to the wealth you mind can create! If you mind cannot create wealth then you will keep running after shadows and will do that for years! That is why people are paid off in their offices – they are suddenly seeing a lot of money for the first time and they don’t know what to do with it. Some others think they know what to do but after a few years they realize that they didn’t actually multiply the money they got. They only spent it or just ‘practically buried it.’
Go and train you mind. Don’t assume you know all that must be done or what you need to do per time. Spend some time learning about money in other to see how it works and how to make, manage and multiply money. Stretch your mind by learning from those who have made money and are still making money. Learn from those who have made money but lost it all so that you will not make their mistakes. If you take these things serious then it means that you are truly ready for the journey to wealth.
Remember that many travel in the bid to find wealth but they return without the little they had even before starting. It will not be nice for you to struggle and to see all your struggles coming to nothing! Go and equip your mind before starting the journey to wealth!

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