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Maybe like me and a few other people, you have wondered why the things you are doing are not kicking off on a great note like that of some other contemporaries you see around! You are probably starting a business and you can barely get enough money to push the business but on the other side of the road is someone else in your age bracket who is starting the same thing and has all the money to start with. You are sometimes even worried because the other person does not seem to have the kind of experience that you or the kind of content that you have at the moment but this other person has all the funds and is living really big!
I have done certain things in my life and I have also watched other people do the same thing but I kept wondering for years why they could do those things in a bigger way and I could not. In the process of meditation a few answers came to my mind regarding why some people will start off on a very slow note and why some people will start of on a very big platform. I also saw reasons some of those who start off on the slow note are those who usually endure the incubation process and last a life time while those that started on a big platform may never see the light of the day.
One of the things you must first remember is that if a tree will grow and last for years, it will first of all grow roots and the roots must be deep enough to help the tree live for years! If the roots are not deep enough then any wind or strong rain can uproot the tree! You will also need to note that while the tree is building its roots, it will appear on the outside as if nothing tangible is happening! People will not notice any physical growth. While a tree that will live long takes so much time to build its roots, the trees that will not last for so long will quick grow out of the ground but with very little roots spread across a few inches on the ground.
I have seen a few people do businesses in certain ways and I have admired them. I wished I had what they had at that time so that I could do things in a big way as they did but one of the things that came to my mind then was that these people you are looking at are not going to last! If you want to last you must take time to build your roots! These other people have not built any root and you may never hear about them again if they are not careful. The truth is that some of those people who ‘giant strides’ I was admiring are nowhere to be found today. The noise has died down and you are wondering how it was possible for them to just go underground like that!
Without roots you will be rooted out easily! Don’t be in a hurry to get things up and running as many others do. I do not encourage taking too much time to do anything you would like to do but I also think you must still build your roots before stepping out and even after stepping out you will continue to strengthen the roots!
Would you rather start well or finish strong? If you want to finish strong then take time to build strong roots that can withstand all weather!
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