Step out now! – Fola Daniel Adelesi

Waiting for the right time has always been your excuse not to do what you were supposed to have done. You knew it was supposed to be done. You also have the conviction that you are the right person to do it but you are looking for the best time to do.
Isn’t is time to be sincere with yourself about the fact that there is no better to follow up those dreams other than now! Last year was supposed to witness the execution of those deals and now you claim not to know enough to get things done so you waited for this year. In every season that is good enough for the project to kick off you keep talking about one or two other things that have not been in place so you eventually became a perfectionist because you were looking for the right time to do things.
If we really have to get down to the bottom line then we must admit that there is no right time because the right time will mean waiting till everything is perfect and there will be no time when things will be perfect. There will only be times that you can take advantage of to make things perfect.
You are getting older by the day and you are still waiting for the right time. You are getting involved in a project that requires some energy to jump about yet you are waiting for the right time when your energy would probably be failing you.
It is time to step out and stop making excuses for the things you are afraid of doing. Stop being scared about the size of your dreams. You may really have big and intimidating dream but your dream cannot be as intimidating as the thought of creating the whole world. Your biggest dreams will live in this world. Your wildest dreams will be to expand the way the world thinks way being the first to think in a direction. Your intimidating dreams will be about doing something that has never been done on this earth.
In all of your imagination, no dream of yours can replace this earth. In your wildest dreams, you cannot think about creating another earth. You cannot, with all the resources available in the world think about creating another world even if you are immortalized by permission to live forever. Yet someone created this world and did it in six days! So how big can your dream be to be good enough to intimidate you?
The size of what intimidates you is a proof of the size of your inner man. If you are small on the inside you will be intimidated by small things. When you get bigger then bigger things will comes. When it looks like things are never going to be done, the challenge in front of you is just a replica of your capacity. When you step out to achieve the seemingly unachievable then you rise to a new cadre.
I do not particularly think there is a strategy for overcoming the intimidating challenges. Just as the hammer hits the wall until it’s weak enough to go down, don’t stop trying.

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