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If you must know the truth then you have to hear, believe and accept the fact that spiritual leadership is needed to make head way in so many areas of life. If you think you are a man of destiny then I don’t see how you are going to make the most of your destiny without spiritual leadership.
This form of leadership is different. You are to take responsibility for your life rather than trying to wait for someone else. You are to make moves and also show that you are willing to be led by the master. In spiritual leadership, you first submit to the will of the master before you make attempts to lead any other person or yourself.
Some people are trying to do things that are of the spirit but they are trying hard to use physical or intellectual knowledge of leadership. They have tried and it has not worked. Now they are trying to make excuses or propound theories for what will make those things work.
To start with, if God gave you a destiny you will need God to fulfil that destiny. You can’t try to finish an assignment from God with the suggestions and strategies of men. Only the leading of God and the strategy of God will finish the same assignment.
Who then leads who in spiritual leadership? The first thing you should understand is that when you are a child of God you must be led by the Holy Spirit. God’s word says ‘as many as are led by the Spirit of God, they are the sons of God.’ Wow! You ‘sonship’ in the kingdom is tied to leadership! This means if you are not led by Him then you are not of Him.
To be led by the Holy Spirit you must first build a relationship with Jesus. When you start and build a relationship with Jesus then the Holy Spirit will come (as the comforter that Jesus promised) and can guide you in all things.
Do you want to excel in life? You will need spiritual leadership. It is through this spiritual leadership that you can make decisions that people don’t understand yet you will get results beyond their comprehension. When you talk they may say you sound like a novice or that your ideas are strange. And when the results come, they will not be able to argue that you have unusual results that their own theories and principles cannot explain.
Spiritual leadership does not require rationalizing what you hear or looking at how logical it sounds. Your duty is to hear, obey and then you get results! When you obey you will be dazed at the results that come but when you disobey you will also be confounded at how you are struggling with something that is supposed to be easy.
Allow yourself to be led by God through the Holy Spirit. When you do this you will see how cheap it can be so fulfil destiny. Initially it may look hard. People will say that you are foolish. They will say that you are mad because they will never be able to understand what you are doing. When the results come then they will beg you to show them how to do those foolish things that you did to get amazing results.
I see many people who try to follow the leading of the Holy Spirit only when they are looking for a spouse to marry. The Holy Spirit is not just a match maker. Some others only want His leading when they are in some kind of trouble. He does a lot more than helping you out of trouble.
In fact, when you really follow His leading you will be staying totally out of trouble and you will make remarkable advancement in life. You should also know that there will be a huge difference between you and those that are not led by the Holy Spirit. When they seem to be doing things by intelligence you will be doing things as the Spirit leads. They can buy into businesses bound to fail but you don’t. They sign up for contracts that will wreck their businesses but you don’t.
The leading of the Holy Spirit is sweet and it makes you very productive in life. He can tell you what will work or will not work. He can show you what will be or will not be. You can be enjoying 50 years from now for obeying a simple instruction while others are agonizing because they have no leading from the Holy Spirit. Make a serious choice today to follow the leading of God through the Holy Spirit and enjoy an amazing life.  
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