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I strongly believe in the values and doctrines of humility but we all must not take humility for acting small and talking very small as if we are nothing and cannot do big things! When we were created, a seed of greatness was deposited into us and by default we all are wired to be great! Since we are wired to be great, we are not doing anyone any favour by not living up to the greatness in us or by acting small every day of our lives. I have seen so many people who will not allow their full potentials to be maximized because they act small all the time. They also think small, talk small and eventually become small in life. It is wrong and I also think it is a pure waste of God’s mighty resources in us to come into this world and allow the people of the world to take the shine off us because we are acting small.
There is a great piece that I came across in 2009 that I think will probably help in this case. Some of the words are:
‘Your playing small does not serve the world.
There is nothing enlightened about shrinking
So that other people won’t feel insecure around you.
We were born to make manifest the glory of God within us.
It is not just in some; it is in everyone.’
Going by those words I hope you can now see that you are not doing yourself or anyone in the world any favour by playing small. Live life to the fullest and let your best potentials come out. If there are good things of life that you can afford I really don’t think you should shy away from some of them. I know about people who will stick to their old rugged cars that they are struggling with everyday. They will not buy another one not because they do not have the money but because they really don’t want people to talk about them when they get a new car. And there are those who are walking around on their legs even though they can afford to buy cars. You sometimes need to listen to such people and hear the amusing reasons they will give for not wanting to buy a car that they can afford. You will also be amazed to know that there are people who will not buy or attempt to build a house not because they do not have the money but because they don’t want people to know that they have money. So they prefer to keep paying rents and living under the constant fear imposed by the estate managers or the owners of the house.
For some other people it could be a business they can start that they are not starting. They have the needed knowledge and they have the required resources. Some other people will never share their knowledge with you and they have the wisdom and knowledge that so many people need. When everyone is talking they will never talk. They keep acting like they know nothing and it is only by an accident you will find out that they actually know more than everyone in the room but they have been keeping quiet all this while.
Do not reduce yourself to what you are not because you want to appear humble. You also cannot say that you will not maximize your potentials because you don’t want people to talk. If you do something small people will talk and if you do something big people will talk. Since you know that people will talk then it’s just better for you to give them something really big to talk about.
To play small and to refuse to bring out the best potential in you is to act like the man whose story was told in the parable of the talent. He was given one talent and he went to hide it until the owner returned. He gave the talent back to the owner just like that. You have to be careful not to be like that. Whatever you are given or all the things you have access to are for a reason. You may have been given what you have because someone around you will soon need it and you are expected to give or help the person with your resources.
In what way have you been acting small until now? Stop it because you are not doing yourself, humanity and God any favour by acting small!

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