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We all have so much to achieve and because of that we get easily discouraged when we look at the things around us and the many things we still have not achieved. It is so easy to overlook what we have already done because what we are yet to do is far more than what we have done.
Now thats where the problem lies. We dont get far ahead because we are weighed down by what we have not achieved. As we focus so much on what we are yet to do, we lose the energy to pursue the very thing we are worried about. As we lose the needed energy, we become father from what we want to achieve.
It is indeed very discouraging to see that you have not done so much. It can be more disheartening when you have colleagues who seem to be doing the same thing effortlessly and you are still struggling with it.
There are times we can only forge ahead when we look at the things we have already achieved instead of focusing on only the things we have not achieved. Stop draining your energy. You will need this energy you are dissipating on worrying for all the things you are yet to achieve.
In some other cases we may have been achieving but we get worried because the results are not yet obvious. That results are not obvious does not mean we are not doing anything. There is a proverb in Africa that says the monkey is sweating but the hair on its body has not made it obvious. Sometimes they also say the chicken is sweating but because the body is covered in hair the sweat is not obvious. Those proverbs are often used to refer to people who are working hard but have no results to show yet.
You should note that those things that have not happened for you will still happen. When I say you should not focus on them I dont mean you should not plan for them or work towards them. The problem is that we sometimes focus so much on what we want to achieve that we forget the things we have already achieved. And worse still, we lose what we already have just trying to get what we want.
There are those running after a lot of money and have lost their marriages in the process. When they lose their marriages they then realize that the money they were running after cannot get their marriage back for them. Some lose their family or some other precious things that what they are chasing cannot regain for them.
You may also be losing your health just trying to get your wealth. And as they say, you eventually get your wealth and you spend it trying to get your health back. But it is sometimes too late.
I encourage people to aspire for more. It is very important that you dont stop at where you are. You need to get better by the day and achieve more from time to time but it is also very important that you dont lose what you already have or kill yourself just for what you intend to get.
Appreciate what you have while working patiently towards the ones that you intend to get. Take life easy, appreciate it while you have it and remember you will always need your life to achieve anything that is worth achieving.  
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