Stop looking for luck | © Fola Daniel Adelesi

Stop looking for luck | © Fola Daniel Adelesi
Some people believe that things that have happened to others happened to them by luck. They must have been lucky and that’s why things are happening for them. So I must also look for how to be lucky so that things must happen for me. Do you really want to be luck? Well there is something you have to unlock.
Once you are able to unlock the most important thing it will be like you are also getting lucky. Others will also begin to see you as someone who is so lucky and everything is just happening for you. I can imagine how you will feel to have so much happening for you with very little stress involved.
I have also seen some people write books on how to get lucky and so many people have bought it because they really want to get lucky. One of such books was written by someone I know so well but I believe the readers must have been a little disappointed. When you start reading the book it tells you that the way to get lucky is to work hard so there is no mystery to being lucky.
Well I have something to show you and I believe that this will really help you. The story of those looking for luck is like the story of the man in the famous book titled Acres of Diamond. He wanted an acre of diamond and he set out to look for it but, unknown to him, he was sitting right on what he set out to look for.
Have you also set out to look for where to get luck or how to have everything happening for you? Have you been calling some people for prayers or even for divination? What is it that you have been doing just to you can make things happen for yourself and probably your family?
It is possible that you have done a lot and all of those things are not yielding any effort. It is now time to be serious and realistic with yourself. You too can get really lucky without the mystery things some people talk about. In fact, let me say that the mystery of getting lucky is within you.
Yes you saw that correctly and I will say it wherever I get the chance to say it. The mystery of getting lucky is within you. Too many people are looking for something on the outside when they have it on the inside. I don’t know what you have been looking for on the outside but you already carry it within you.
Once you are thinking about getting lucky then the most important thing for you to do is to unlock all that is within you. The luck you are looking for is inside what is locked up within you. I am talking about the dormant potentials you carry about. I am talking about all the skills inside you that you have abandoned. What about the skills that people know you have but you still don’t do anything about it?
Many of us are like treasure boxes walking around and looking for smaller treasures. Amazingly, the treasure within you is a lot more than the treasure you are looking for on the outside. So we end up spending so much time looking for what is within us and we get far less compared to what we already have.
Some people even end up being frustrated and at the end lose out completely. I think that you too can appear lucky to other people but you need to take a few steps to being lucky. Some of those steps include:
1. Unlock the potentials within you
2. Refine and use those potentials greatly
3. Serve others with the potentials and be rewarded for it
4. Use a part of the rewards to refine the potentials again
5. Create products from those potentials and simply repeat the circle.
After doing this, which might take a while and also come with its challenges, you will be amazed at how lucky you too can get just by unlocking what is within rather than looking for luck on the outside.

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