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On every new day we are presented with various opportunities that we need to move on in life either to get to where we are going or to achieve the things that we desire but the challenge is that some people never recognized their opportunities and they just let it slip by and some others seem to recognize their opportunities but at some points they just pass it on to other people because they may not be willing to put in some extra efforts in order to turn the opportunities into the final products that we need.
When God presents us with opportunities he still leaves room for us to do the final conversion of the opportunities into the end result because he does not in any way condone laziness but the reason some people just miss their opportunity is all because they are too lazy to convert. The Bible says in the book of proverbs that the lazy man will not roast what he took from hunting! That sounds a little funny to me! Why will you go through the stress of hunting and be so lazy that you cannot roast what you hunted and eat? Unfortunately there are so many human beings that are just like that! They have gone through the stress of previous years and have made it up to this point! The only thing they are supposed to do is to make the last move of roasting what was hunted but they have become so lazy.
There are people who are so lazy that they can’t even make a phone call that can possibly change their lives and even if they know that there is someone on the next street who can turn their lives around they will still be so lazy that they will not go to that street but continue to hope that the person from that street who can help them will come to theirs! We pass our opportunities on daily basis in different ways and they may include:
1. Laziness
2. Nonchalance
3. Ignorance
4. Bad temper
5. Poor attitude
6. Misplaced priorities
We sometimes need to create the time to review where we are compared to where we could have been to be sure that we are doing what we are supposed to be doing or as much as we are supposed to be doing.
Life presents us with enough opportunities that can get us to our destination in life and there is no doubt we are equipped with all that we need but one of the problems is that we keep passing our opportunities and then still wait on the same spot for the same opportunity that we have already passed on to some people who don’t joke with opportunities!
Take a stand today and be sure of what you really want to do with your life and stop passing your opportunities to make something out of your life!
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