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One of the common things I see people do is to run themselves down with their mouth in the bid to appear very humble. Unfortunately the result doesn’t always align with their intentions. I hear people say they are not good at one thing or the other instead of talking about what they can do.
Many of those who even do this don’t know where to draw the line. As soon as someone gives them a chance to say something about themselves or to do something, they start talking about how they don’t know much or cannot do much.
Let me say that talking yourself down is not a sign of humility. If that is what you intend to achieve, there are other ways to cut across as humble without making yourself look inferior to others.
Sometimes when you run yourself down, you end up discrediting yourself rather than look humble. When someone says you can do something, don’t deny you can do it just to look humble. Even if it is true that you can’t do so much, don’t market your weaknesses.
Your weaknesses are products no one is willing to buy. So if that is what you are selling you are simply asking people not to come to you. Turn around and sell what you can do. Snow us how well you can do it and what things take a different turn.
You need to understand that this is not just some motivational talk. If I walk into a room and I want to listen to a conversation between potential employees, I will be looking out for that person who speaks confidently but does not brag. I will not be able to relate with that person who runs himself or herself down just to appear humble.
Beyond the employment scenario, there are many of us who unconsciously run ourselves down daily when we speak with other people. Start checking your conversations from today. Listen to  yourself as you speak. Are you saying what you really are or are you talking yourself down to be acceptable to some other people?
I have been in situations where I also wanted to be accepted by some people. I unconsciously began to talk myself down just to fit in. That was then. I now know better. There is no way I will talk myself down just to be accepted someone anymore.
Here is the truth. Anyone who can’t handle who you are shouldn’t be around you. If they expect you to run yourself down just to appear humble then they are asking you to curse yourself so that they can feel good.
When we talk to other people and for whatever reason they want to curse, we don’t take it. Why then should we think it is okay to run our lives down with our mouths just to sound cool to others?
Remember that I am not asking you to brag but you must not run yourself down in any situation and for any reason just to sound good to others. What you say with your mouth for whatever reason has a binding effect on your life. Your words don’t understand why you uttered certain things. As you keep talking, the words keep taking its effect on your life. So if you are going to talk, because you must, just make sure you are saying something that puts your life up and not run it down.
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