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The average person with an average mindset who is also content with just getting by in life on daily basis keeps saying there is no money! Are you one of those saying there is no money in your country? Did you start saying there is no money in your country because of what the economists in the country are saying? Have y fallen for the lies of some international orgnisations who keep telling you there is a downturn or things are going really bad and people are being laid off? In all of those news they are giving you, have you stopped to ponder if there are still billionaires in your country? If your country is poor what is the embassy of several other nations doing in your country and why are foreigners still coming to your country?
I have come to the knowledge of the fact that new wealthy people are emerging everyday from different countries of the world and it will be a great mistake for anyone to believe in the lie that there is no money. They will tell you there is no money but the government of your nation spends a lot of money on the politicians in the country. They spend some time sitting down and they get paid what y may never earn in several months or even a year! They will tell you there is no money but cars are being imported into your country on daily basis and those cars will not be imported if people are not buying! In the same country where you say there is no money, new buildings are springing up on daily basis yet you think there is no money!
There are people who travel very often in and out of the country without thinking twice about the cost of traveling because they have more than enough to travel. There are people who are buying private jets while some are saying there is no money. In the same country where you think there is no money, there is someone who has more than 5 brand new cars worth several millions and there are very expensive furniture items in their houses! Some young people are starting businesses and within a jiffy they are becoming millionaires! Consulting firms are springing up and they are charging millions to consult for some people! Where are they getting those clients that are paying them millions for consultations? Is it not in the same country where you keep saying there is no money!
I have stopped saying there is no money a long time ago! Now what I say is, ‘in this country we will make this money together!’ you need to change your perception and think the way other rich people are thinking and that the only time you can begin to see the money where others are seeing it! I recently went to a popular shopping mall and I just took a look at the parking lot from the top floor. It was like a sea but this time filled with very beautiful cars! Some were going out and some were still trying to find their way in. the company managing the parking lot was charging 200 box for each car and I called the attention of the person standing next to me to look at the cars and think about how much the parking company is making on daily basis! Shortly after that we turned back to take a seat and talk business but we saw so many people either eating or buying drinks. A few others like us were there for business as well. At that point I also thought and was wondering how someone could say there is no money in a country like this!
You need to know that only those who believe there is money in a place will see the opportunities in the place and take full advantage of the opportunities in that place. That country of yours that you call poor is not as poor as you think because while you keep yourself busy saying it is a poor country, some foreigners are planning how to get into your country and cash in on the raw wealth that you have! When everyone is looking in the same direction it is hard to see opportunities and when you even see opportunities, those opportunities are choked!
There is money in any country you live in! you will only have to create your own opportunites or meet the challenges of some people in order for you to see your own money. As for me, my position is that we will make this money together instead of saying there is no money!
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