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There are many people who still think that it is other people who are trying to stop them and they are not conscious of the fact that they already have some self limiting habits that will never allow their potentials to come alive. In their work environment they are not progressing and with their businesses they are not moving forward. Piers seem to be doing very fine amid when they can’t find a good excuse to hang unto, they start claiming that it is what others are doing that are limiting them. They cannot look inwards, examine themselves and the way they go about things to see they no other person is limiting them as much as they are limiting themselves. For a moment, forget everyone around you and focus on you. Yes focus on yourself and let’s take off the self-limiting beliefs or habits in you.
One of the first things you have to do if you will ever succeed is to never hang the responsibilities of your success on other people. It is an irresponsible way to live your life and others will always dictate your life to the extent that you keep allowing them. You own that life. Not those on other people. You are the one to live it. They will not live it for you. Other begin to live your life for you when you let them dictate everything that happens in your life and they leave you with the mess when there inorth way forward. Take your life back from any human being that you have already given too much control who is now making a mess from it. No matter what they have done to you or for you, the life is yours and you suffer the good or the bad that it experiences.
The next and the important thing you need to do is to take all self limiting beliefs away from your mind. It’s like trying to format that mind. It needs some form of deprogramming. There are some viruses in there. They are corrupting your thought processes and patterns. They don’t let you move into some possibility thinking. They have eaten up all the hope that’s in you and you can’t let that continue. If you allow that to continue they will have noting more to eat and then they will eat you up. Stop saying ‘you can’t.’ Stop saying ‘I will never amount to nothing.’ You should never say anything that does not move your life forward. When you listen to some people, you can easily tell why they will never succeed. It is not tat they do not have the potentials but they work physically hard while using their minds to take away all the fruits that their hands should get. You need to know that it does not matter what efforts you are making in life, if your mind does not give some motivation or at least have some optimism regarding that effort, you will only be involved in an exercise in futility. Your mind and your hands have to be in agreement and when they are things are a lot easier for you.
I think you should also stop certain things that are clearly not working or things that you were never supposed to get into. I know a lot of people who are not so eloquent and probably cannot read for so long but they went to study law just like some of their colleagues. Now they are in the programme and they are not doing too well at it. Some others have gone into science oriented courses and now they cannot cope anymore. A few others have started businesses they know nothing about and when they get into trouble, rather an going to learn from those who know something about the business they go about trying to work it on their own until there is little remedy for the failure. If you are not willing to easily learn from others then you are the one stopping yourself and you need to stop stopping yourself. If you have also gone into something just because others are doing it, you are also the one stopping yourself. It means that you either did not ask to know your area of core competence or you knew it and neglected it probably because of social pressure or greed. Whatever reason has taken you into a field that is not yours is not a good reason. To succeed at something, you must know it and also have passion for it. It must be something you never get tired of doing at anytime that you have to do it.
You could have been stopping yourself as well by being too lazy. Maybe all you need is a little extra effort. It could be a little change to what you have been doing or the way you have been doing it. You cannot be doing something in the exact way you have always been doing it for so many years without change and hope for a better result. You are simply limiting yourself and you also must stop that.
Maybe I have not mentioned what you are doing to limit yourself or maybe you simply need to dream really big and not be afraid to dream big. Whatever it is, you need to look inwards and check if there is anything in you that is limiting you. Start checking that now and stop stopping yourself!
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