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‘How are you today?’ ‘I am just hanging in there!’ ‘How’s life with you?’ ‘My man, I am just taking each day as it comes.’ That’s the life that so many people are living consciously or unconsciously. They have withdrawn totally from trying anything again in life. They just don’t seem to have that energy to go after anything positive anymore. They just want to take life as it comes. It does not even matter if each day has something good or bad to offer them.
I can imagine what people have gone through to become so laid back so much so that they are not hoping for anything in life again. Some people may have lost all they had. They probably lost all the material wealth they spend several years gathering together. Some may have lost the people they love the most and are not going to move on with their lives. The disasters that some have experienced cannot be described and you had better not be in it to see it. It’s the kind of experience that has given some people high blood pressure and has eventually killed them.
Why these challenges or problems of life may be so tough that they can make anyone want to lose all hope, we still should not live each day as it comes. We still should not think that not much will come out of our lives because we seem to have lost everything.
If you are not supposed to be alive then the problem would have killed you! There are so many people who have not gone through half of what you have been through and they are dead. You have been through it all and you are still breathing. That should tell you there’s something about you. If you are alive it means you are being preserved for something. Trust me, this world does not really have room for waste. It has a way of getting rid of you when you are no longer needed. That you are still breathing means we need you around.
Life may have dealt you a huge blow but remember it was only a knockdown. It was not a kockout. There’s something you can still contribute. You can still make something out of your life. Even if everyone you know has died, you can still do something.
Each day presents you with new opportunities. Stop making your life a prisoner of the past when you can recreate it with the opportunities of the present. You may have been through that phase where things did not work out as you imagined. It does not mean things will not always work out.
Please make your life count rather than making it look like just one out of the population. You are more important than just a figure. If only you can dare to make the most of what’s left of you, you will be amazed at what can still be done and how far you can go. Please stop living each day as it comes! It’s time to make the best of each day. You are not a victim of life, you are a victor in life.

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