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‘If the ax is dull, And one does not sharpen the edge, Then he must use more strength; But wisdom brings success.’ Those words of insight and power were drawn from Ecclesiastes 10:10.
Somewhere along the line as I began to think about people working and not getting the kind of result they ought to be getting, the lines above dropped in my heart and I think it will be useful for someone who’s reading this. The ax or axe, as I may use them interchangeably in this context is your tool for work. The very tool that helps you achieve all that you need to achieve. It is what you use to get your desired results. It can therefore mean your skills, talent, wisdom or strategy. It can be something you have learnt and are now working with to get the results you have always wanted.
Now those lines say that if the ax is dull – meaning if your strategy has started failing or they are no longer producing the results they used to produce. It means that when you are in a situation where it does not look like your talent is working anymore. You have all the talents but what seems to be coming with it is all the frustration that you can imagine. You have tried all that you know but nothing is working. It can also mean that when all your degrees have failed or can’t get you to your next destination.
The next thing that will happen is that you will begin to use more strength. That means that you start looking for more strategy. You probably think you need additional talents. It may seem to you that what you need is extra knowledge or extra degrees but it is not extra strength that will save you.
The last few words of the line are ‘wisdom brings success.’ I think that’s where the mystery in that line is. Anyone who can decode the mystery of that line can begin to succeed effortlessly. Why will the ax go blunt and you are still applying it to the same thing without thinking about sharpening it? It can be because you have always trusted your ax to deliver results to you without fail.
When you have struggled with something and it does not get you any result, try wisdom. You will need wisdom and not ability to get some things done. There are a number of things that you may have been on for years. When you try wisdom, they can be sorted in days or weeks. The wisdom can be insight from someone who has years of experience. It can also be spiritual revelation or insight. You may call it prophecy.
I would have thought that anyone who wants to cut down a tree would first think about sharpening the ax. Or do you think that the person being referred to in those lines above does not know the ax is supposed to be sharpened? This actually shows that there are times when what is in your hands may no longer be working and it will not be obvious to you that it is no longer working. While you rely on the previous results, you keep at it in order to get the same result and nothing happens.
Think again. The same line says wisdom brings success. It did not end by just saying you have to go and sharpen the ax to get the tree down. You know the tool you have been using or the ax you have been trying very hard to use in your daily life pursuit. Now, it’s time for you to use something beyond the ax. Add wisdom to it. Get insight, revelation or prophecy concerning what you are doing. Leverage on other’s experience and soar with that in order to succeed. It is not only your ability that brings success. Wisdom, brings success.       

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