Strength for your silent battles | Fola Daniel Adelesi

Sometimes when people think you’re ignoring them, they don’t understand you’re simply fighting a silent battle. When people attack you like this, don’t turn to them and ignore the more important battles. They (including your loved ones and colleagues who often seem to mean well) are distractions.
Whenever you have to always explain your silence towards people or apologize for not keeping in touch, you’ll be dragged into dissipating your energy just so you can prove you’re not fighting them.
If this is what you do to others, you should also stop it. Stop compelling others to always reach out to you. If you miss someone, reach out to the person. Save that person the energy of having to please you while fighting some silent battles.
People are constantly dealing with issues that they can’t discuss with anyone. Many feel drained and they even wish this life can just end because of what they’re going through.
If you’re in one silent battle right now and you still have to contend with people’s expectations, take it easy. Don’t add the many unrealistic expectations of people to the important battles you already have to fight.
The battles you’re dealing with are most likely the ones you didn’t choose and couldn’t change. Don’t voluntarily add battles that will weigh you down and not give you enough energy to pursue the important battles.
Conserve your energy. Wave the unnecessary battles and face only the important ones.
Fola Daniel Adelesi
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