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Wow! I am so glad it is the last day of the amazing year 2014. For all of us who have made it this far we need to be very grateful that we have made it to the last day and be optimistic about seeing the New Year.
I am certain you know it was not your power or your strength that has brought you this far. In some cases we are tempted to go through life as if it is a normal thing or that we have a right to be alive.
You need to see some people who really live like that have a right to be alive. Well you need to think about all the other people who are better off, richer and nicer who have died. So many car accidents have happened. So many boat mishaps and at least 3 prominent plane crashes each killing hundreds of people.
Stop acting like you make it this far on your own and it was your strength that brought you here. Life can be snuffed out of us in just a second and we will not be able to lay claim on all that we claim we can do on our own.
All through the year you may have been going around like it was your power or strength but I think you can take that time out today to acknowledge that you didn’t come this far on your own. If it was not for God who was on your side where will you be today?
I took so many risks this year, especially with my choice of transportation when going out, but here I am still standing. I went out just yesterday and saw a bike rider who fell of his bike and his kneel was seriously bruised. I doubt if he would be able to walk for a while. I go out and coming back in with no scratch on me.
Even if something had happened I will still be grateful that I am live and different from someone who has gone six feet below the ground. We all should be grateful regardless of the situation that we are in. Sometimes we don’t even need so much to change that situation that we are in. An attitude of gratitude can be the miracle we need to change the situation we are in sometimes.
This year has come and gone with its storms, trials, troubles or tribulations but here we are still standing. What you are complaining about is what has already killed someone. You are alive! Be grateful and know that it will not kill you. That situation could have killed you a long time ago but it didn’t and you are going strong despite all odds.
I don’t think it’s time to let anyone steal your joy. You sure have reasons to be happy. I am not going to let some little stuff I could not do take my celebration away and forget that it was not my strength that brought me this far.
Now the very important thing is that if you realize it was not your strength that brought you this far then you will know that it is not your strength that will take you to the next level or phase of your life. Stop acting like you did everything on your own and will do the next thing on your own.
You can’t even get far with your strength! If it was by you strength, how far do you think you can go? Think man! Think woman! your strength did not bring you this far so be grateful to God and know that He will take you further.

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